Written by http://justabitkinky.tumblr.com/

It has been one of those long and stressful weeks. I'm in desperate need of relaxation and relief so I head over to an Asian massage parlor for a typical happy ending massage.
The girl who usually massages me isn't available so another girl is suggested which I accept. I think to myself that she can't be much different than my usual so I don't care much. I just need a massage badly.
She comes out of the back from another massage and introduces herself as Jessica. I smirk a bit knowing there is no way her name is Jessica but I go with the bit and am happy as she is quite attractive and already seems enthusiastic.
Taking my hand, she leads me to the table shower room where there is basically a massage table in the middle of an over-sized shower. The entire room is tiled like a bathroom with a drain in the middle. At this point I had already removed my clothes and I am in a robe.
She has me go inside the room while she changes from her shoes to a pair of boots so she can walk around in the wet room. Closing the door behind her, she walks up to me and routinely unties the loose knot I tied my robe closed with and takes it off of me.
I am standing in front of her completely naked but she goes about her business, washing down the table before I get on it, like nothing is unusual as she sees naked men on an hourly basis all day. It's just a job for her so I expect nothing more.
"Lay faced down," she almost commands while pointing at the table.
I get on the table laying faced down and feeling quite exposed as I hear her filling up a bucket with warm water. When it's full, she pours the entire bucket over me and then squeezes soap into her hands which she begins applying to my back side. Starting at my shoulders, she works her way down my back and across my ass and then down to my feet.
She repeats that several times but on the last pass her hands unabashedly and without hesitation go right between my ass cheeks and down to my balls which she rubs quickly to clean and then back out the same way. That's always one of my favorite parts and I automatically get hard as soon as she does it.
"Ok. Turn over," she says while filling up another bucket.
I turn over and as usual I'm completely hard. Typically this doesn't phase the girls but this time when she turns around with the bucket she glances at my cock and smiles a bit.
"You are very happy man!" she exclaims in her broken English and smiles at me as she proceeds to pour the bucket over my front side. Same routine as the back, rubbing and cleaning me quickly with soap from head to toe. Like the back side and as the other girls do, at the end of her cleaning she grabs a hold of my now hard cock and strokes it quickly several times, to clean it as well I presume, and then has me stand up.
She quickly dries me up with a towel, puts the robe back on me and leads me out of the shower room to a private massage room where she removes the robe again and has me lay faced down on the massage table.
She begins the massage which is always a pretty authentic massage at this point. Using massage oil she stands directly in front of me and rubs from my shoulders down to my lower back. Her hands are strong like the other girls and she massages in deep tissue technique so I'm definitely feeling the usual massage pain while already anticipating the end.
She massages my upper body for a while and then moves down to my feet to work her way up my lower body. As she walks around, she playfully grabs my ass and seems to like it as she giggles a bit while squeezing my cheeks.
After completing my lower body, it's time for the lights to be turned down which indicates the happy ending portion of the massage is about to begin. She turns them down a bit and begins by very lightly and barely touching me all over my back with her fingers which gives me the chills. It feels so good, especially when her fingers dip down to my balls and lightly teases them.
I'm at this point squirming on the table as she endlessly teases me in order to get me fully hard and on the edge. Her fingers move up from my balls and lightly rub upwards along my perineum and then, as I hoped, right between my ass cheeks. Her finger lingers there for just a few seconds and I make sure to wiggle my ass and moan a bit to hopefully indicate to her that I want her to further explore.
"Ohh you like this?" she asks sounding slightly excited and amused.
"Mmm yes, please, " I say, breathing heavily while pushing my ass back against her finger.
She removes her finger momentarily to apply more oil to her hands and then begins slowly and methodically probing my asshole, waiting for me to relax so it goes in easier. Reaching down, she slowly and simultaneously strokes my cock. I get up a bit on my knees to give her easier access as my ass moves back and forth in rhythm with her strokes, her finger going in further and further. I am moaning and groaning and loving the feeling of her penetrating me.
Suddenly she stops and I almost want to cry. She pushes me down so I'm laying flat on the table again.
"Hold on one minute, " she says as I hear some movement.
Moments later, she appears in front of me and I can see through the hole in the table that she has no pants, shoes or socks on. I'm confused as this is abnormal but I'm not complaining; obviously something different and exciting is about to happen.
She lifts my head and places a pillow under it so now I'm looking right at her waist. I prop my head up with my folded arms as well and can barely make out her black panties but immediately notice that she is naked from the waist up as well. Looking up I see her nice tits and her smiling devilishly down at me. I wonder why she kept her panties on.
That question is unanswered for only a few seconds as she suddenly holds my head in place with one hand as her other hand pulls down her panties enough for me to see her hard cock flop out.
I momentarily panic with shock and confusion. What the fuck? I think to myself as she continues holding my head down but obviously still waiting for some cue from me that I want to proceed. I've fantasized about shemales in the past but this reality is completely overwhelming. She grabs her hard cock and slowly strokes it as I get over my initial shock.
Within seconds my initial shock has settled and I'm now extremely turned on by the turn of events and decide I want to go for it, hoping I'm not traumatized for life if I don't like it.
I smile and look up at her which she instantly takes as her cue and practically force feeds me her nice sized hard cock. This is my first cock, it feels so weird at first but then I grow accustomed to it and close my mouth around it as she slides it in nice and slow.
"Mmm yess baby, " she groans as she continues fucking my face.
"You like sucking my cock?" she asks as her hand on my head grabs onto a bit of my hair.
"Mmmm" is all I can emit as I hear her breathing get heavier.
She decides to pull out and try something else. Walking behind me she again slides her finger in my ass and begins fucking it at a nice pace. Her other hand rubs my back as she adds a finger and thrusts in and out of my asshole. She continues this for several minutes, preparing my ass for what I know is coming. Her cock didn't seem that big, probably 5 or 6 inches and not too thick so I wasn't too worried.
She has me turn over and props my head up again with the pillow. Removing her panties completely she walks around the table naked with her cock jutting out and I almost cum right there.
She sees my cock twitch in approval as my eyes are locked on her cock. She smiles wickedly at me as if to say "yeah, I know you want my cock bitch!"
Getting up on the table she scoots between my legs and lifts them in the air. She puts on a condom and coats it with oil as she pushes my legs back farther so my asshole is easily accessible.
I am so turned on, I feel my pre-cum drip on my stomach. Her hands are very firmly holding my ankles. I think to myself that I don't think I could go anywhere if I wanted to which brings up my fantasy of being raped by a shemale. I feel her cock begin to enter me as she grunts.
"Yess. Oh yess. Good baby, nice and tight, " she says with her broken English. She is so focused and horny, I know there is no turning back.
After several minutes she finally gets her cock all the way in. Leaning down, she keeps her eyes open, staring intently at me and I can't avert my gaze. We look each other in the eyes as she slowly pulls out then thrusts back in to me. It feels pretty intimate for a few minutes as she maintains that slow pace but then she can't help but increase the speed.
Grunting on each thrust, she goes faster and faster, drilling my asshole. It feels so good, my eyes have to close and I moan out loud as I enjoy her fucking me like a bitch.
I could only last so long before cum starts slowly oozing out of my cock. She stops thrusting and jerks my cock until I cum all over my stomach and am spent.
I am laying back feeling like I never have before. Such a great feeling. My asshole still agape and feeling so satisfied. My legs are back on the table and I lay there with my eyes closed.
I was practically drifting off to sleep and only 30 seconds or so after cumming when I feel her get up on the table again and straddle my chest. That's when I remember she has not cum yet. Moving forward she has this look in her face that says she needs to cum badly.
Inching further, her cock is now right in front of my face and she just starts jerking her cock. I can't go anywhere so I just prepare myself for what is about to happen. I close my mouth and eyes as she groans loudly and erupts all over my face.
My eyes stay closed for a few moments as she hops off the table and grabs a towel. She thankfully wipes down my face so I can finally open my eyes and she smiles at me.
She leans down and gives me a closed mouth kiss and I hug her close to me for a few moments.
Both exhausted, she gets dressed and then leads me to the showers in my robe so I can clean up and go home for a good relaxing sleep.