What A Girl Wants


Written by http://talldorkyhandsome.tumblr.com/

It was always fun for her to go shopping after a long day at work. She found it therapeutic, in a strange sort of way. Just to be able to do what she wanted, when she wanted, and buy what she wanted. All this without a client or boss breathing down her neck, too, which was a relief. But, alas, the sad truth was, NO ONE had been breathing down her neck, or on any other part of her body in a long time. And that was something no amount of shopping was going to fix.

As she strolled from store to store, her arm-full of bags getting larger each time, she couldn’t help but notice the ‘ache’. That is how she thought of it…no…that’s what it was. She ached. IT ached. Her pussy ached. It was not only psychological, as she had once thought. It was physical. She could feel the throbbing – slight, but certainly there. And she knew what it was, and how to ‘fix’ it. 

One hundred years ago, it was called ‘female hysteria’, and cures included genital massage with a hand, water, or elecro-mechanical pelvic massager all performed by a doctor. It all ended, of course, with a ‘hysterical paroxysm’ – the almighty orgasm. Cumming. She needed to cum. She smile at her reflection in the store window, thinking how great it would be for some handsome doctor to induce a hysterical paroxysm with his big, hot, built-in pelvic massager. Some things certainly change for the worse.

The pink-ish hue caught her attention. It was shaped like a penis. A fairly large one, with a second smaller one protruding up at a 45-degree angle from the base of the first. And around the center of the large one was 4 bands of pearls. “What the heck do THOSE do”, she thought marveling at the object in the window, not noticing the two older women walking by, smiling at her obvious enrapture with the device. “Hmmm…never been in here before. Might as well check it out” she said, smiling quietly to herself. And in she went.

As she walked back to her car, arms filled with bags of shoes, skirts, a sweater, a blouse, a nice summer dress for work, she thought of only one thing – the device she just purchased. The woman behind the counter had been professional, explaining how the device worked, how to clean it, how to install the batteries, which she did to demonstrate and test the device. She found herself somewhat surprised during the demonstration. She had no idea one of these ‘things’ could do so much: Both shafts vibrated, the large one also gyrated at the head, and those pearls – they rotated around the shaft. “Woooo!! “ she said when she saw that – it sent chills down her spine. She had other vibrators in her life – but nothing like this. SOLD!!! She made sure also purchase a bottle of lubricant, and a bottle of bacteriostatic cleaning solution. And more batteries. Can’t run out of those! 

She got to the car, placed all her bags on floor by the back seat of the Accord. She stopped. “Oh, fuck it” she said to herself, grabbing the bag with the device in it and hopped into the driver seat. A cursory look around showed not another sole in sight. Perfect. ‘This is why a skirt is a girl’s best friend” she said, as she slid her panties off and down to the floor. She pulled the device out of its velvet bag, rubbed a liberal amount of lube on the device, and the rest on her already wet pussy, turned the device on ‘low’ and start to rub it up and down on her clit. Warm waves of pleasure washed over her like a waves lapping at a tropical shore. “If I can’t have the real thing, this will do nicely”, she thought. She slid the switch to ‘medium’ and worked the device slowly into her wet hole. The touch of the smaller ‘penis’ on the device brushed her clit on every insertion, sending shivers through her entire being. She increased the speed once again to ‘high’ and was now pulling the device in and out quickly, with a pause at the top, when it was buried the deepest. 

“Click.” The distinctive sound of a door locking. She looked over to her left and saw him in the car next to her, not 10 feet away. He was in the driver seat. Watching. How could she miss that! He was right there! Good looking, too. Very good looking. Screw that, he was hot! He was watching with a smile of slight amusement, and when she noticed him, gave a little wave with his hand and mouthed something. Don’t Stop. She smiled slightly, still not sure if she should do it or get the hell out of there. But there was something about his smile, and the way he said “Don’t stop.” Plus the simple fact she was soooo close to being relieved, that she was not sure if she could handle the frustration. She looked right into his eyes and continued. Slowly at first, then faster, occasionally breaking eye contact when the sensations were too much to handle. Faster, faster…he was just sitting watching and smiling…here it comes…like a wave…the tingle starting in the belly and radiating down the legs, followed by spasms of pure pleasure. She felt herself convulse, and even accidentally hit her head on the window. He just kept smiling that sexy smile and watching. She slid the device out of her pussy, and while looking straight at him, ran her tongue around the glisten head, tasting own juices. She then smiled back, put the device back in the bag, and put her panties back on. She then gave him a wink – he smiled and applauded. She put the car in “R”, backed out, and went home.