An Evening at Home


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Earlier I stepped into the bathroom and put in a butt plug to help me get into the right mood. Feeling it shift around inside me when I sat down heightened my awareness of my own innards and turned my thoughts to hers. I tried to imagine what it was like to have someone thrusting away at my butt, sliding furiously in and out, driven beyond control just by being in me.

I took her by the hand and led her to one of the computers where I'd set up a sequence of images showing various flavors of sex, including mmf anal. One in particular, a video, showed two men and a woman penetrating each other anally. The middle figure, a man, slid smoothly back and forth between his partners. I knew from experience that these images aroused her.

While we watched I slowly ran my hands up and down her butt, letting my fingers trail down her crack and sliding just a bit under and between her legs. I pushed a little as I passed over her anus and again as I reached her pussy. As she got excited she spread her legs and started to push her butt back against my hand. I responded too by pushing a little harder and opening her cheeks with my fingers. After a few minutes of increasing arousal the tip of my finger was starting to reach her anus through her panties. I loved feeling her push back and knowing that I had free reign over her body. I was a kid in a candy story. Paradise.

I stood and put my arms around her, running my hands over her rear and then down inside her panties over her cheeks. She pushed her crotch against me and nuzzled my neck. While I fondled her buttocks, she took my penis out of my pants, pulled her shorts and panties down in the front, and slid me in between her panties and her pussy. Feeling her damp labia slide over me made me harder than ever. I pushed back and forth while she used her hand to hold me against her crotch and I gripped her butt.

We took our clothes off and I approached her from behind, letting my dick rub against the crack in her ass. I wrapped my arms around her and held her fine breasts while I nibbled on her neck -- something she always loves and that raises goose bumps on her thighs. I ran one hand down her back and cupped her buttocks, marveling at their full, female roundness. I was in a dream world where no fantasy was denied me. I ran my hand over her butt some more, occasionally grazing her anus.

I maneuvered her over to the bed and bent her slowly over, so her shoulders rested on the bed and her butt was toward me. She pushed her rear end up to excite me, exposing her rosebud. I slipped a finger cheater on one finger and lubricated it a bit; with my other hand I slid the tip of my penis up and down between her labia. We both sighed as I slipped into her vagina. I pushed forward into her wet warmth and she pushed back onto me, moaning slightly as she moved. I love slowly entering her for the first time and sliding down that damp, welcoming sheath. I slipped my covered finger slowly into her anus, feeling the muscles at the opening relax as I wiggled it around. With my finger in her butt I could feel my penis in her vagina. I told her two men were getting ready to fuck her and she said oh yes please please. I said the other man was already fucking me in the ass but he was about to stop so he could enter her. I told her how big he felt in me and how I loved his thrusting. Her breathing sped up and she said oh god oh god.

I slowly took my finger out and then covered a vibrator with a condom and some lube. I turned it on and slid it very slowly into her butt, rotating it slightly to spread the lube. I love pushing things into her and watching them slide further and further in. My penis was still in her vagina and I could feel the vibrator's action as though it were touching me. After a minute she started to move her butt in a circular motion. We're both fucking you I said and we love it when you move. Jesus she said keep fucking me. I slowly slid the vibrator out until I could feel her sphincter clamp down and then I penetrated her again. Sliding the vibrator in and out of her butt drove me nuts with excitement. I watched entranced as her rosebud clung tightly to the vibrator. He's sliding slowly in and out of you I said. Oh god oh jesus.

I took the vibrator out of her butt and my penis out of her pussy. She moaned and said don't stop fuck me please. I put a new condom on the vibrator and slid it slowly into her pussy. God I love sticking things in her. She started to breathe faster and move her hips again. I put a condom on my dick and told her to reach back and spread her cheeks. Her rosebud gaped a little and I worked the head of my dick slowly in, paused for a second, and then continued to slide in. Jesus it felt so good, she was as tight as a fist and I watched myself slide in between her cheeks. It was one of the most exciting things I've ever done; I was dizzy with the thrill.

We're both fucking you but we've swapped holes I said. I'm in your ass and he's in your pussy. I'm cupping his balls as he fucks you and he has three fingers up my butt. She picked up her vibrator and applied it to her clit. Fuck fuck she said between breaths both of you keep fucking me I love having you in my holes oh fuck. His girlfriend is in the room watching us fuck you I said. She has two fingers up her pussy and she's moving them in and out as fast as she can. Oh god oh god she said fuck me harder.

I grabbed her hipbones and started pumping her faster and faster. She said oh fuck oh fuck again and again and louder and louder until it was just a shriek. I was consumed by the feel of my dick in her butt and the way she was pushing back onto me. I loved pushing into her -- I've never been so sensually involved in my life. She moved her ass in sexy circles, sliding me in and out and moving from side to side, her lust overwhelmed me.

She came and the shrieks tapered away to whimpers. After a moment she said she was too sensitive to take much more pounding. I hadn't come yet so I slid out and removed the condom from my penis and the vibrator from her pussy. I took off my cock ring and entered her pussy. I started pounding faster and faster as the end came on. She whimpered and said oh fuck oh god jesus jesus. Finally I came, shooting into her pussy for what seemed like minutes. She made more noises and I think she came again.

I was so spent I could barely stand. I collapsed onto her back. I kissed her neck. I love you darling.


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