The room is dark.

From my view from the bathroom I see you asleep on your stomach, face pressed up against the pillow.  You look satisfied and I can't help but smile.I touch my neck, feeling your teeth marks.  My skin is raised and sensitive where you let loose.  What we just did leaves me speechless.  My legs are still body still floating listlessly.

Inside me though there is a fire burning.  Turning my head back to the mirror I look at myself.  My face is flushed with excitement...lips slightly swollen...partly from biting them and partly from being constantly in contact with yours.  My hair is beyond tamable and says one thing: Well-fucked.  I lost track of how many times your hand sunk into it and gripped it firmly but my scalp tingles in memory.

I slide my hand down my chest grazing a nipple.  I can see it hardening beneath the lace of my lingerie and I flinch remembering the grip you had them in just hours earlier.  I want to stay there...being greedy...enjoying the current that travels down to my pussy as I play.  But I move further down to the smooth plane of my stomach until I encounter the one thing that still needs satisfying.

My hand connects with the protruding smooth shape that juts out from between my legs.I grip it in my hand...warming it.  I look down, seeing my pink girl cock strapped extension of me...a source of pleasure for you.  Turning away I walk into the bedroom, stopping by the bedside table to retrieve a small bottle of oil.  My eyes seek out the shape of your sexy ass beneath the sheet.  I take a deep breath to slow the excitement that rises in me.  In an instant...electric pulsing need beats deep inside my cunt.  I want you spread open and shaking with need for me.  

From my stance at the bottom of the bed I lift a hand and begin pulling the sheet from your naked body.  Inch by inch you are revealed to me. When it slides up over the curve of your ass I bite my tender lip to stop from groaning out loud and waking you.  I have other plans in store for you. Crawling up onto the bed I gently kneel between your spread legs.  I reach out and slide my hand up your thighs to the supple curve of your furry ass, my thumb delving into the crease.  I want to dip lower but I restrain my movements to light massaging touches.

After a while they grow stronger, my fingers dig into your cheeks to pull them apart...releasing after a brief look and then pulling them apart to stare longer.  I know you can feel the heat of my gaze on your hunger for this part of you.  I can't resist and my fingers slide down to your exposed taint and balls.  I feel you shift as I travel back up, this time my thumbs move deeper, grazing across the wrinkled skin of your pucker.  I groan inwardly...wanting in there so bad.  I tell myself to wait...that there will be time to give in to those urges.

Your head turns on the pillow, eyes alert and aroused as you look back to see me with my new cock strapped on running my thumb in circles around your hole.  There is so much intensity generated in our gaze it nearly steals my breath away.  I find my voice and say, "I need to be inside you."  

There is no hesitation as we have done this once before.  I feel your ass push up into my fingers and you say, "Then fuck me baby girl...I need your pretty girl cock as much as I need your cunt...your mouth."

I expel the breath I have been holding.  Hearing you say cunt...that you need my cock is all I needed to hear.  I smile and nod and see you begin to turn over.  My hand is firm on your ass as I stop you.  "No," I say.  "I want your ass from behind...this time."  

Your hesitation is fleeting but it's there.  Fucking you from behind is not something you envisioned.  "If you need my ass that way baby girl then take it."

I wink back at you and begin kissing down your back, and over your ass.  I give your hole two slow teasing licks of my tongue and moan my approval.  "Your ass taste fucking delicious to me." I say between another couple of licks, this time burrowing my tongue inside your tight musky heat.   I wiggle my tongue, feeling you squirm into the vibrations I'm bringing to your nerve endings.  Then holding your ass open I begin fucking you with my tongue...quick little darts and long penetrating strokes.  

After a minute I work my finger in and tickle my tongue along the sensitive rim as I move slowly in and out.  I can feel you clenching around my finger each time I pull out and I know how good it feels for you to be penetrated.  I add another finger and lay down on the bed to lick your balls and taint in time with my finger fucking.  You take it all and begin grinding your cock against the bed, pushing back into my fingers driving them deeper and deeper.

My cunt is on fire and I find myself fucking it into the bed to relieve the pressure.  "Now baby, " I moan moving back onto my knees and pull you up to yours.  Wrapping my arms around you I press my body against the length of yours and rub my tits into your back. Reaching down I stroke your hard leaking cock once...twice until you groan my name.  "I want you to lower yourself onto my cock this time...I want you to take it all in for me."

I hear you groan "Yes," and I pump your cock once more.  Holding my cock at the base I position the head against your hole and feel you begin to press down on it.  The pressure hits directly against my clit and I  can't help but push up into it.  "That's it yes...take it...every inch you take makes my cunt throb."

In a loud growl I feel you impale yourself on my cock and I cry out "Oh god baby!" holding you to me.  Our bodies merge, no space between them.  It's heaven.  I let you adjust, playing with your balls and cock..kissing your back, whispering how fucking good it is to be inside you.  When I feel you begin to squirm I start fucking in and out at a slow pace.

Angling my cock towards your balls as I sink in, I graze that spot that drives you wild.  Fucking you from this angle is hips bouncing against your ass at a nice steady pace creates a delicious wet noise that drives me faster into your hot ass.  "The heat in my pussy is so extreme I feel my orgasm hovering with every movement.  "Oh god.." I cry out, my fingers digging into your hips.

"Fuck me hard baby girl!" you grunt out and I can hear your arousal heavy and strong.
"I'm so close baby...bend over for me...please," I beg.  

You do and I am breathless for a moment as I see your ass on display like this...filled by my pink cock.  The hunger inside me rises to a fevered pitch.  I grab onto your hips and pull you back on the last exposed inch of my cock with a moan.  I hear the breath leave you as you adjust and I feel the tension in your body as you brace yourself.  I hesitate for a moment not certain if I can go there with you.

As if reading my mind you turn back to face me, your eyes dark and serious.  "I know what you need baby girl and I want you to take it.  Don't you dare fucking hold back...give it to me!"

Shocked and relieved, I bite my lip and pull out of you to the tip, mesmerized by the stretch of your tight ring around my girlcock. Gripping your ass with both hands I slam home, grinding my hips in hard.  Working off an instinct as old as time I set up a steady pounding rhythm as I pull your ass back with each motion.  It feels so right to fuck you like this and I begin to lose myself in the absolute joy of it.  "Fuck baby...take my cock...every...hard...inch...of it!"  

I hear you grunt out an incoherent string of words but I don't stop...the pressure against my clit intensifies with each thrust, reverberating deep into my cunt, teasing my gspot.  My pussy is beyond swollen and soaked as I tap in to my base urge to fuck." need you to cum...can't hold back!"  

My hand slides from its grip on your ass and reaches around to find your cock hard and wet, pulled tight against your body. I encircle it and the sound out of your mouth tells me you're close.  Every slam of my hips forward drives you into my tight fist.  I pick up my pace, our sweaty bodies smacking together in a lewd and delicious way.  It's too much, every thrust grazing your sweet spot and my clit sends us both over the edge in a chorus of loud moans.  "Yessss!!  Oh fuck baby...!!"

My cunt explodes into a burst of spasms and waves of pleasure so intense my legs buckle and I collapse against your back as your cock jerks and pulses in my hand.  When the last stream of cum pumps out we slowly sink to the bed on our sides.  My cock still buried deep inside you I feel your hand cover mine and gently bring it up to rest over your chest.  Emotion so strong rises in me in that moment and I need to express it.  "Baby...."

"Shh baby girl it's okay...I know...I have a hot ass."

I smile and snicker into your back.  "That you do babe...that you do." 
The water is hot...the kind that stings the skin as it adjusts to the temperature.  But it's soapy and slick, just the way I like it, so I sigh and slide down a little deeper.  It feels decadent to be hiding away in here.  Just my thoughts and my naked skin.  It isn't long before my hand begins to roam.  It slides up over the curve of my hip and dives into the nest of hair between my legs.  I am addicted to playing with it, tugging it and running my fingers through it.  It feels especially wonderful in the water, rising up to stand on it's own accord. 

One solitary thought forms.  I wonder what it would feel like to have my own cock?  Would I be able to keep my hands from it?  I lick my lips at the thought.  "Damn those boys have it good," I giggle.  My laughter is broken and turns into a sigh as my fingers find my clit...that glorious little nub that if only bigger, more engorged, would be like a mini cock.  I can't help but let my mind wander.  I try and picture my perfect cock and imagine it rising out of the water as I will it to life with the most lust-filled thoughts. 
Suddenly you are there with me, lounging against the other side of the bath, legs intertwined with mine.  You raise an eyebrow at me as you take in the sight before you; lips fighting a grin.

"My fantasy,"  I answer back.

"That's a fine looking cock you have there."  

"It is,"  I say proudly. 

"Have you touched it yet?" you ask.

"Nah uh. I'm afraid it might disappear,"  I answer honestly.

Your forehead creases as you consider my predicament.  "Well how about I touch it for you?"  And suddenly your hand is there, coming up through the water to encircle the base.

The sensation solidifies in rush of wet, tight heat and I gasp.  "Fuck-"  It's too real and for a second I want to push you away. 

"Close your eyes for me."  Your voice is there, soothing me.

I let my lashes drift down as I bite my lip.  At this point I am all senses. I don't think about seeing a woman's body attached to a cock, I think about my cock.  The one I have been fantasizing about for years.  Your hand feels softer in the water than it should and for a moment I have the harder, masculine body.  My inner boy wants out, I muse. 

I feel you move, your hairy legs scratching along side my own as you rearrange yourself to lean over me.  My hands grasp the sides of the tub just knowing that your mouth is in close proximity as your other hands takes up my balls and suddenly there is a new sensation in the electrifying one.  Suck it..lick it...anything.   I feel a restless tingle began in my balls and thrum up through the shaft and I have an overwhelming urge to bury it inside something...a fist, a mouth, an ass.

"You can say it," you urge as if reading my thoughts.

"Swallow it."  I say in an almost foreign voice.

You do.  Not in the way you gently tongue and lick my pussy but in an all consuming, intense suction where my entire erogenous zone is inside your body.  One minute I am aching, untouched and the next you have the entire length of me lodged in your mouth and throat.  Without a single thought I have my hands in your hair holding you there, pulling you down further.  In that moment I understand how all consideration flies out the window in that kind of singular pleasure.  More. Deeper. Swallow.  You are resisting against my hands and over power me as you pull off my length with a roar. 

My eyes are open now, watching your wild, wet eyes and erratic struggle for breath.  I don't apologize.  Instead I have one thought thrumming through my cock.  Ass.  Yours.  Now.  "Give it to me,"  I lick my lips and verbalize my need.

Without hesitation you are turning, your wet, dripping ass suddenly in front of me for the taking. Sitting up, I pull my legs up and position myself behind you.  In our movement, one of us releases the plug and through the haze of my lust I hear water draining.  Your asshole looks delicious wet.  I bend and dart my tongue around it...inside of it, loving the taste and smell of you.  In moments I will have my flesh buried in here.  I want to savor everything but at the same time I want to stuff my cock in every inch of you that's willing to take me. 

As if caught up in the same current you wiggle against me to shake me lose.  "Fuck it already. You know you want to."  I love that you talk to me like I'm a pretty talk or passion...just carnal lust.  It ratchets my desire up higher.  Something snaps inside me and I am lost to what I was.

"Give your hole a quick fuck for me...jam a couple fingers in and do what you can."  I know without a doubt the second I am inside you I will lose it.  It's so strange to me to feel on the edge before the action has really begun.  I reach down and intuitively squeeze my balls to bring myself back a notch.  I am turned on in ways that I have never experienced before.  Never in my life had I ever had to pull myself back.  If anything I was always reaching...chasing that final threshold.  "Son of a bitch...I'm about to blow here," I say in awe. 

"Now you know how I feel,"  you laugh, giving your asshole a few double-fingered pumps.

Insanity.  My cock was leading the way, causing me to pull your hands away from the entrance they were blocking.  My cock head is there, kissing the darker wet skin of your anus.  CONTACT.  This is it, I think....finally!

"Lube!"  You shout out, knowing you're about to be slam-fucked.

I shake out of my haze and spot a container of coconut oil I use for shaving.  Grabbing up the jar, I twist the lid off, sending it clattering to the floor and scoop a large amount of the whitish slick onto my fingers.  I push them inside of you and groan, my cock lurching against your ass cheek.  Pulling my fingers free I smear the remaining lube onto my shaft and line my cock up with your glistening pucker.  All I want is to see it stretched tight around know I'm inside of you.  One hand on your hip I whisper, "Brace yourself."

"Own it, stretch it, fuck's your-"

I lunge inside in a single thrust.  We both groan out simultaneously.  Lodged inside of you I try and gain control over the intense riptide spiraling up my cock.  "Fucking...fuck!"  It's beyond tight...every movement and breath you take I feel.  I have no choice but to grab hold of you for leverage and let loose.  I'm not sure where my strength is coming from but I am pounding into you with such a force your body is struggling for balance.  "God damn you feel good," I grunt out, sending my cock in harder each time, loving the feel of your ass cheeks slapping against my pelvis.  "I can feel it building...I...oh shit...oh fuckkkkk!"  It's orgasm grabs hold of me coalesces in a burst off intense pleasure.  Seconds later my cock is spasming, sending jet after jet of my cum deep into your ass. 

The experience is transcendent and leaves me breathless.  I come to slumped over your back, soft groans of my residual pleasure leaving my lips.  I can feel my cock soften enough to slide free easily as I sit up.  I'm left staring at the sight of my cum seeping from your asshole.  "Wow...I did that," I mumble, studying the loose skin that only minutes earlier was a tight, rosebud.  I stick my finger in an pull it out, bringing the shiny digit up to my mouth for a taste.  "Oh god..."

"Like that, did you?" You swing your head around to meet my gaze with a satisfied shit eating grin on your face.

I smack your ass playfully.  "You bet your well fucked ass I did."  Then I frown...well pout actually.  I feel strangely like...myself.  I look down and see the glistening lips of my pussy instead of a shriveling cock.  "Damn..."

Turning around you resume your original position lounging against the tub.  Now it's your hard cock I see springing up between us.  Different from mine but still pussy clenches in response to seeing you straining and dripping precum.  A different kind of need settles over me and I smile up at you.  " least one of us has one we can play with," I wink as I lean down to swallow you whole, setting the whole dance in motion again.
**contains some elements of humiliation**

I pause outside of your office.  I can hear you typing away in there and I know you must be preoccupied with work.  I don't hesitate when I walk in and cross the room to your desk.  You don't look up and I can see by the crease in your forehead that this is not a good time.

Ignoring the signs I position myself to the right of you and push myself up onto the cool wood surface.  This gets your attention and your eyes take in my appearance.  I am dressed in nothing but one of your white dress shirts unbuttoned down to the curve of my breast.  There is a moment where you fight with yourself; your desire versus your deadline.  You are silent as you position your hands on my waist and slide me over so that I am straddling you.  Decision made.  Your hands reach for the top button.

“Don’t.”  I say this calmly but firmly.  

There is a moment’s hesitation and then your eyes take in the rigidity in my posture and the determined pinch of my mouth.  Amusing me you drop your hands and watch as I raise mine.  I begin at the top button and taking my time, release each little circle from it’s hole until the last one gives and parts to reveal a black leather harness and flesh colored girlcock.  It lewdly springs forward and I keep my features in check as I watch your eyes widen at the size. 

“What’s this baby girl?” you ask surprised.

Grabbing up my cock I firmly stroke it, loving the feel of it in my hand.  “This is your next two hours,” I say matter-of-factly.

Your eyebrow arches as if you doubt I will have my way.  Your hand joins mine in a slow even stroke.  “This is bigger than your other cocks babygirl.”

I watch us stroke over my cock mesmerized by how erotic it looks.  “I needed to make sure you remembered this evening,” I say.  Something in my voice has you sitting up straighter, seeking my eyes out to try and see what secrets lie there. 

“What do you have planned for me?”  You ask cautiously.

I slide off of the desk and lean down to whisper in your ear.  “Your total obedience baby.  For the next two hours you will be my fuck toy.  I will use you.  I will do as I wish to your ass and mouth and cock.  You will only cum if I think you have earned it,” I run my tongue along your ear and feel you shudder.  “Be prepared for anything,” and with that I turn to leave.  At the door I turn back to catch the look of shock and desire on your face.  “Oh and one more thing,” I announced, “For the next two hours you will answer to slave and nothing else.”

My heart is beating rapidly as I make my way to the bedroom.  Until I see you walk through the bedroom door with a look of submission on your face I won’t be able to fully relax.  This type of play is nothing new to us but I know you could tell by my voice that this will be something different.  We have talked about having me dominate you and exploring an element that deep down you find to be a turn on: humiliation.  I am nervous about this, unsure how far you need me to go.  I slide into a pair of black stilettos that are laying by the bed and go over the details of the evening with a feeling of excitement and lust that I haven’t felt in a while.  I am lost in thought when you appear at the door, loosening your tie.

Gone is the commanding presence that you always have when entering a room.  There is a softness to your face...the transition I see there fuels my desire to truly own you.  Twice I’ve surprised you with my girl cock and just taken what I needed from you.  The way you responded gives me hope that tonight will be exactly what you and I both need.

“Strip down and kneel before me,”  I say.  As you begin to undress I shrug out of your shirt and let it drop to the floor at my feet.  The air is warm but a breeze is blowing in from the window.  My nipples tightened and unconsciously my hands find their way to them.  I hear a low rumble from across the room and realize you are watching me intently.  I make a show of pinching them, gasping as the pleasure shoots down into my core.  Pulling one hand away I point down at my feet and arch an eyebrow at you. 

Quietly you walk over naked, cock bobbing obscenely against your stomach and get down on your knees in front of me.  My cock falls an inch from your mouth.  I imagine what it would be like to feel your hot breath against the see a drop of precum gathering for you to taste.  I want it to be real tonight.  “Lick your palm slave. Take my cock in your wet hand and stroke it.”  I watch as you slowly drag your palm up over your moist tongue, never taking your eyes from mine.  I feel the tug of your hand on me, rhythmically dragging up and down the length.  The hunger in your eyes is focused on my cock.  “Put your mouth on me,” I order firmly.  “Don’t stop until your eyes are watering and I am half way down that cunt of a mouth.”

You attack my cock like it is the juiciest most succulent morsel you could have in front of you. I reach back a hand to steady myself against the footboard and watch in heated fascination as you work yourself on my length, each time taking me in further.  The heat between my legs is incredible.  Only its not enough.  I reach out my hand and pull you the last inch, imagining how good the head would feel right now lodged in your throat.  “Swallow!” I order.  You do and make a gagging sound that jacks my arousal up higher.  I hold you there as your eyes water and let you pull off in a mess of spit and heavy breathing.  “Pathetic,” I say.  I pick up my soaking cock and proceed to wipe it off against each of your cheeks.  “Now look at you, covered in your own cockspit,” I laugh.

Moving around to the side of the bed I pull open my night table and reach inside for the cool steel of the handcuffs.  My heart is beating at a steady pace as I walk back to stand behind you.  “Give me your wrist.”  You do eagerly and I secure a cuff around one and then spreading my legs a little I rub your bound hand through the wetness in my cunt and moan.  “Lay down on your back,” I instruct you.

I watch as you lower yourself down and extend your hand over your head as though you already know my plan.  I slide the empty cuff around the foot of the bed and attach it to your other wrist and then stand.  

Positioning a stilettoed foot on either side of your head I lower my cunt to your face and sit down, covering your mouth and nose with my swollen pussy lips peeking out from the harness.  I wait a minute until I feel your fear rising and then let up allowing you to breath.  I look back at you over my shoulder and laugh down at you.  “Look at you licking my cunt juice from your like that?”  I ask, pushing my hips back in stabbing motions to fuck your face hard.  “You like your face coated in my cum, slave?” I ask.

You respond in a bunch of muffled “fuck yes’s” and I keep it up, loving the wet smack of your scratchy face against my sensitive flesh.  Lost in the heat between my legs you fail to notice someone enter the room.  I slow my hips holding them over your mouth.  “Eat my asshole,” I order, leaning back on my arms so my ass is practically smothering your mouth.  I feel your tongue wiggle up inside and probe the entrance to my ass.  At that I begin fucking down, loving the intrusion of your warm, wet flesh inside me.  “That’s it...tongue fuck this greedy ass!”  

You moan as I fuck your tongue obscenely.  I watch as my guest grabs up your cock and begins to bind it with some something resembling a shoelace.  You begin to withdraw from my ass as realization dawns on you.  I peer down over my shoulder at you.  “Did I tell you to stop? Be a good slave and show our guest how deep you can work your tongue into my hole.”  I wink down to reassure you and then lean down to take your cock into my mouth.  

You moan into my ass and drive your tongue in deep.  Your cock is swollen and I know the thought of being watched has ratcheted your arousal through the roof.  I know it must be killing you not to be able to tell if it’s male or female.  I pull off your cock and offer it to our guest, wondering if this will be a clue.  I watch as their mouth swallows the length of you in one go and pulls off.  I add my mouth to theirs as we suck the tip together.  

Your hips arch off the floor as you enjoy the hot suction of our combined mouths.  We pull off and kiss.  You can hear it and your tongue stills.  I wondering if you are jealous knowing my tongue is inside another person’s mouth.  We break apart breathless and I say, “I need to teach my slave a lesson...he needs to learn that my pleasure comes first.”  Our guest nods, staying silent as per my request.  “Grab the items I laid out on the counter.”

To you I give your hard cock a light smack and say, “Keep fucking my ass with that tongue and make me cum!”

Our guest returns with the objects and lays them out beside us as you resume your rhythmic penetration.  I hand them one and draw your legs back.  “Look at that cunt,” I say with a sneer, “you wouldn’t know it to look at him but he is a shameless cock whore.” 

Your cock responds to my degrading words, bobbing obscenely.  You can feel your hole stretched open and exposed....that coupled with being watched by a stranger has you aroused beyond words.  We watch as it clenches involuntarily...hungry.  I laugh as I continue to fuck back on your face and tongue.  “Watch what happens when you stick a finger in there.”

You groan the instant you feel their lubed up finger circle your pucker and push inside.  Your cock jerks and begins leaking precum all over your stomach. You think it feels slender but you can’t be certain it is a female.  

“Fuck two inside that cunt hole,” I instruct, rubbing my clit now and feeling my arousal jack higher at seeing you penetrated by someone other than me.  “And suck my tits,” I add, focusing on my pleasure.  You and I both gasp at the same time.  Your asshole stretches as two fingers are stabbed repeatedly into you.  I arch into the mouth now latched onto my nipple and feel the pressure grown steadily inside my core.  I grind on your face, fixated on your pink hole being stretched tight.  I reach down and lightly squeeze  your bound cock and balls. 

“Open up your ass slave,” I signal to our guest to grab up a toy, “this cunt is going to take bigger than those fingers.”  With that you feel fingers leave your ass and a second later a cool, smooth object enters you, widening as it slides in further.  You grunt as the biggest part stretches your anus and then tapers off to a narrow end.  The plug is transparent glass.  “We can see right inside your cunt, slave.”  Your cock spurts a few more drops of precum at that.  “What a nasty ass you have...I'm going to enjoy fucking it with my new girl cock.”

I have never seen your cock this hard and I take that as a good sign.  Pulling off your face a few inches I begin fucking two fingers inside my aching pussy.  “Hold that mouth open slave,” I order.  I  take myself to the edge and then release a stream of pee as I cum, rubbing furiously as my clit and screaming out my pleasure as it sprays your face and mouth.  I hear you grunt out, “oh fuck yes, baby girl!” as I settle against your chest trying to catch my breath.  

I slide off your chest and kneel beside you.  You get your first look at our guest.  She’s an attractive woman you notice, with darker skin, small, pert breasts and a lovely patch of dark fur between her legs.  She is lean with a striking face that you notice is fixated on you.  She laughs.  “Look at his face all covered in your piss and cum.” 

“He loves it,” I say, judging by the arousal darkening your eyes.  They are now locked on me and only me and my heartbeat speeds up.  Only I know the dominance that lurks beneath the surface.  Seeing you like this is such a rush.  “His face needs more cum and piss,” I say and instruct her to straddle your face.

I rub lube onto my girl cock as I watch her settle her pussy, now wet from our play, over your face.  Your groans are muffled by her as she rocks back and forth on you to ease the ache she is no doubt feeling.   I love hearing your arousal and crawl between your legs.  I can’t resist and I lean down and lick at the juicy tip of your cock.  You cry out and our guest begins bouncing on you, “Oh god, make him fuck me deeper,” she begs.

I smack your plugged asshole.  “You heard her slave...tongue fuck her pussy and suck up all that juice she rewards you with.”  You attack her pussy with vigor and send her into a series of squeals and moans.  My pussy is heating up again listening to her and I slowly work the plug out of your ass and set it beside you on the floor.  “Look at that...his cunt is wide open begging to be filled,”  I laugh.  You feel  and hear us both spit into your open hole.  Your ass is shiny with our spit and I wish you could see it.  I slide my finger into the bubbles and push it all so it disappears inside you.  The weight of my girl cock extended out from my clit makes me wish it were real and that I could feel it sink inside you.

I grab up my flesh colored cock and line it up.  It is noticeably bigger than your opening and I hope you can handle something this big.  Your balls are a deep purple color and I know without the binding you’d be close to shooting all over your stomach.   I take a deep breath and push in a little.  You resist and I can see your hole tighten up in response to such a big intrusion.  “Keep that ass open,”  I say, giving your cheek a smack.  “your cunt belongs to me tonight, remember!”

You grunt as I push past the tight ring of muscle and fill you up inch by slow inch.  I know the intensity you are feeling and I lean down to swallow your cock.  The distraction is just what you need and your ass relaxes around me.  Your cockhead swells in my mouth and I pull off careful not to make you cum. 

“Oh my god, you’ve filled him up so good!” she mewls, still gyrating on your tongue.  “Just seeing  what a slut he is for your cock makes me want to cum!!”

“Use that mouth and tongue for me darling...and then cover him in your piss while I fuck his tight cunt!”

Reaching between her legs she, pushes her fingers into her wet snatch and rubs her swollen flesh that I know you have thoroughly worked over with your tongue, teeth and lips.   “Ohhhhh yes, fuck my asshole!!!” she cries, sitting up straighter to force your tongue in deep. 

I begin working my cock in and out slowly, adding more lube as my cock emerges to sink back in easier.  I can hear your groans, muffled by her ass cheeks.  Seeing me fuck you throws her over the edge.  “Fuck, him, fuck him, fuck him!!,” she squeals before clamping down on your tongue and cumming  all over your face in a series of bucks and moans.  She slides off your face and collapses beside your head.  “Oh fuck...your slave has one talented tongue!” A second later she gasps, “Opps...I forgot to piss on him!” she smiles bashfully.

Your face is flushed red and covered in moisture...cum, sweat and my pee.  I am entranced as I fuck you.  I lean down over you and keeping my mouth an inch over your face, lick some of that moisture up and then kiss you with it on my tongue.  You moan into my mouth and I know you wish you had your hands free.  I pull away knowing you are beyond aroused and needing to cum.  

I smile at our guest.  “It’s okay darling I have a better idea.”  I motion her towards your waist.  “Come and sit right here.  Lean back on your arms for me.”  She happily obliges and finishes up with her pussy almost touching the tip of your leaking cock.  I continue to fuck you, enjoying the ease that my cock sinks inside you now.  Each thrust pushes your tip up against her clit. 

“Ughhh fuck...untie me...” you plead.  Hearing you beg makes my clit throb.

“Not yet slave, I’m not done with you yet.”  With that I nod at our guest and pick up my pace, angling my cock upwards towards your prostate.

“Oh fuckkkkk!!!” you grind out between clenched teeth as you feel her hot pee splash all over your straining, sensitive cock.  

“Please baby girl..,” you grunt out, pushing your ass into my cock now.  Seeing you this desperate brings me to the edge.

I reach down and pull the binding from around your cock and balls.  “Cum for us...shoot your cum all over her lovely cunt slave!”  I pound you as she grinds her pussy against your cock, giving it just the stimulation you need.  You only last seconds before letting loose a guttural cry and shooting jet after jet of hot cum, drenching her pussy.  Hearing and seeing this sends me over the edge and I cum hard, driving my cock in deep.  “Ooooohhh god, fuck baby...yess!!!”

After the initial spasms I still my movements and bend over to lick your cum from her sensitive folds and she sighs and slides off of you to collapse on the floor.  I continue my way up your body and find your mouth.  You are breathless but respond instantly, sucking my tongue into your mouth.  I moan and show you with my kiss what you mean to me, how connected I feel to you after what we have just done. 

Guest forgotten I pull away to look down into your eyes.  “That was..”

“Incredible,” you cut me off with a quiet smile that melts my heart.

I nod and lean down to kiss you again, already lost in the passion I feel for you.  Kissing down to your ear I capture it between my teeth and whisper “I love you.”
The weight of the heavy leather and cool chains against my skin excites me.  My heart beats at a steady pace as I try to anticipate what you have in store for me tonight.  Your words were simple.  Wear these and be ready for me.  I was more than ready.  As I knelt there on the soft carpet I tried not to fidget or squeeze my thighs together to both ease the ache and stop the moisture from sliding down my inner thighs.

My breath hitched as I heard you enter the room from behind me.  Your fingertips were suddenly there inching along my shoulders and I closed my eyes and released a breath I didn't know I'd been holding. 

"You look beautiful in these," you say as you walk around to stand in front of me.

I reach up to slide my hand over yours resting against my shoulder.  "Thank you," I smile nervously.

You pull away and walk over to your dresser.  "I have a surprise for you," you say, reaching into a drawer and pulling out a black plastic bag. You return to me and hold it out. 

I take it and open the bag.  What's inside takes me by surprise.  I pull out the contents and look up at you with a look of confusion on my face.  "A new girlcock?" I ask.  Normally this would have me cheering with glee but on a night like tonight where you are the Dom I  would have thought you'd choose something a little more...fitting.  "It's lovely," I say, my fingers sliding over the sleek black Feeldo.

There is a dark glint to your eyes as you take it from me.  "I'm going to put inside your cunt. Stand up."

Your blunt words take my breath away.  I rise from the floor and stand with my legs slightly parted.  Without a word you bring the bulbous end to your mouth and slide your lips around it.  A couple of deep sucks and you pull it from your mouth wet. 

"Spread your lips," you order me.

I reach down with both hands to part my pussy; my lips so slick they are hard to hold onto.  The chains connected to my wrist cuffs drag across my nipples and I feel them tighten against the cool metal.

Without a word you bring the toy to my pussy and slide it inside me in a single stroke.  I can't help but gasp at the intrusion as the cock fits perfectly to my body.  I look down and see it jutting out from my body; a perfect natural rise.  The lack of a harness thrills me and I fight the urge to want to reach down and grasp it in my hand.  The dual need to be submissive and dominant wars within me.

"Lean over the bed. Legs apart, forearms against the mattress."

Your voice pulls me from my inner thoughts.  I notice you have unbuttoned your shirt and are rolling up your cuffs.  I move to stand as you instruct.  I can't help but peer between my arms to the cock hanging lewdly between them.  I feel your movement behind me and my cunt clenches even before the first swat.  Smack, smack, smack.  I grunt as my ass lights up, each one sending waves of heat to my clit.  Smack, smack, smack!

There is a break in your spanking and I feel your hand fidgeting with something between my legs.  Suddenly there a hum as a vibe comes alive deep inside of me.  The sensation crawls up the length of the toy and I groan as I feel it tease my clit.

Smack, smack, smack!

"Oh god!" I cry out.

"Stroke your cock as I spank you," Your heated voice penetrates my erotic haze.  Your words light up my clit as I reach for the dark length with one hand and push the side of my face against the bed for balance.  I feel vulgar stroking for you while you strike my ass. I feel alive.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

Your hand stills, rubbing along the heated skin to dip between my cheeks to my exposed pucker.  Your thumb smooths over it, teasing me with slow circles.

A low growl comes out of me as I fight not to push back and take what I want.  A drop of your spit lands against it a second before your thumb pushes inside.

"Oh fuck yes.."  My eyes roll as you begin fucking my ass with shallow but hard thrusts. 

"How does your cock feel?"

"Hard," I whisper into the bed as I stroke the head and length repeatedly.

I groan as I feel your thumb pull free only to be replaced with a cool glass plug.  It's much bigger and I gasp as my ass swallows the stem.   The hard press of it fills me, creating the most delicious throb in my clit.  A few spanks directly against it and I can't help but chant, "yes, yes yes!"  I want you to fuck my ass so badly.

I almost cry when I feel you disappear from behind me.  I hear you removing your cloths and my excitement grows.  Only I don't feel you take your place behind me.  Instead you come along side me and wrap your hand around a length of chain just below my neck cuff. 

"Up," you say, pulling me onto the bed with you.

I find myself between your bent thighs and I try and hide my confusion.  The vibrations working through my pussy make it hard to think straight and I fight to keep my orgasm at bay.

"You think that cock between your legs tonight is yours, babygirl?"

I shake my head. "I.."

"It's mine. It's only on you to please me."

I bite my lip and nod.  I know if the tables were turned I would have you my pleasure's whim.  Tonight I wait for you to instruct me.

I watch as your hand travels down your body to begin stroking your cock.  It's stiff and wet as you begin working it over.  I watch you gather a large drop of precum and deliver it to your asshole, your eyes locked on mine.  "Lick."

Practically salivating I drop down between your spread ass cheeks and press my flat tongue into your slick, musky hole.  I lick every drop from your pink ring and suck and kiss and lick my way into your tight heat.  It grips my tongue like it won't give it back and I push deeper, wiggling and humming as I tongue fuck you.  Your hands are there to pull my head in deep.

A loud growl comes from you.  "Bring that cock here," your voice is strained as you demand it.I rise to my knees, my mouth and chin a glistening wet mess.  I move into position, taking the head of my vibrating cock and sliding it into the wet furrow of your ass.  The black tip is a striking contrast to the pink flesh I am about to penetrate and I fight the need to fuck in deep.  My ass and cunt are begging for release and I try and steady my breath. 

"You're going to grip that cock, push it inside...and fucking turn yourself loose on me. You understand that babygirl?  You're not going to cum until I do.  This cock is for me...ignore the ache in your cunt and FUCK M-aaahhh!"

My cock is deep inside you before you can get the last syllable out.  I try and find a rhythm with this new internal cock.  Your ass is so tight I have to clamp my pussy down tight to keep control of it.  The extra friction threatens to throw me over the edge.  Your hand is there gathering up my chains and pulling me in with each fuck.  The other feverishly works over your cock in time with my thrusts.  My hips slap hard and loud against your ass as I grab your arms for leverage.  The leather around my neck reminds me of my submissive role and I use it to push forward.  Your pleasure becomes my only goal as I rut and fuck your ass like never before. 

"Uhhh fuck me babygirl..give me what I need!" 

I pick up my pace and become animalistic in my movements.  I can't help the words that spill out of my mouth as a desperation to cum rises in me, "Cum for your cock!" I grab your hips and drill in deep. "Please...oh fuck please...!"

"Ahhhh god yessss!" You explode hard throwing your head back.  I watch the hot pulse of your seed cover your chest as though in slow motion as my own dual orgasm rocks me.  I don't hear the words I am screaming, only the dull thrumming of my heart as my hearing takes on a tunnel effect and the world around me fades away. My pleasure is the only thing that tethers me to consciousness as I shake apart. 

Your hands are the first thing I feel and I flutter my heavy eyes open only to find myself against your chest.  I try and form words but you beat me to it.

"I swear put any guy to shame the way you wield your girlcocks."

I giggle and smile into your warm chest.  "Just you wait till that cock is "mine" next time!"
One good turn deserves another...

Or so they say.  We played like that all of the time.  One day I took the reigns and the next you did.  Give and take.  We loved the power exchange.  Today was my day to take. Or so I thought.  It happened so fast.  One moment I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth and the next I am being manhandled, your strength easily overcoming my attempts to free myself as I am dragged into the bedroom and bound.  Within minutes you have me restrained and gagged.  I'm angered and excited all at once. I feel the saliva drip down the black ball and pool on my bottom lip.  It lands between my breasts and slowly heads south.  I'm tied to a chair, arms behind my back.  Legs spread.  You kneel between them and look your fill at my spread pussy.

I feel that pull deep in my gut and it wars with the dominant mindset I was in.  Submissive and dominant.  Push and pull.  Moments before I could almost feel my girlcock in place, pussy alive with the hunger to fuck your ass.  I can't help but push against my restraints wanting to break loose and take control again.

Without warning you deliver three hard smacks to my bared pussy. I cry out against the gag in my mouth and feel my body responding instantly.  The bonds..being on your whim.  Its a heady spell and I sink down in it.  The moment you roughly pull my dress down over my breasts and secure the clamps to my nipples I am gone.  My body sags against the rope and I'm am hyper aware of your body...your every move.  Your strength...your smell.  They both command my attention.

I watch through my sensual haze as you lean forward; so slow it's like a dream.  Your mouth hovers inches from mine.  In the same move you suck the drool from my bottom lip and reach past me for something.  The heat of your mouth sears into me and I moan.  Then it's beside my ear, breath so hot it sends a shiver down my spine.

"Are you ready to be used, babygirl?"

I nod and make an incoherent sound against the gag.  Take me, fuck me, own me.  To my surprise you sit back on your heals, a large black strapless dido in your hand.  I frown, confused at what I am seeing.  Where is the crop, the wand...anything to tease me with?  I want to scream noooooo!

Without a word you bring the longer end up to your mouth and begin sucking it. 

Somewhere deep inside me that hunger flares to life again quickly followed by anger.  Dom...sub...what did you expect from me?  How could I fully sink into any one mindset if you keep pulling me out of it?  Stop toying with me!

I can't pull my eyes away from you.  Seeing you with a cock in your mouth, that dark look in your eyes and I know I'm in trouble.  You are no where near done playing with me.  I try and ground myself, both curious and nervous to see where you'll take me.

You pull the cock from your mouth with a loud sucking noise and I feel every inch of wetness you swallowed as though it were my own cock in your throat moments before.  The trail of spit from your wet lip to the tip of the shiny head causes me to grind my pussy against the chair, hoping to relieve the ache from my swollen lips and clit.  I am breathing heavy through my nose, drooling like a dog, salivating after a bone.  Want.

Keeping your eyes locked on mine you reach out to capture some spit dripping from the ball gag and bring it to the smaller end of the girlcock, slowly sliding the wetness around.  My pussy clenches in response.  I cry out as you push the end into me firmly.  The curved tip rests against my g-spot inside and can't help but tighten around it repeatedly, causing the ache to multiply in intensity.  As if sensing what I am doing you smack my clamped nipples and the twinge of pain cuts through my greedy pleasure. 

"Let's get one thing straight.  This is my girlcock tonight babygirl. I own it, not you!  You will keep that greedy cunt of yours loose while I use it.  Are we clear?"

I nod, quickly responding to your firm tone.  I try and shut out that inner voice in my head that says own your girlcock...own his ass!

Reaching past me one more time you pull out a long chain which you use to connect my two clamps.  The chain that extends out from the middle is long enough to coil at my feet.  The weight of it pulls my nipples hard and the pain radiates deep inside me before blossoming into a throbbing ache.  One more foray into your hidden box of surprises and a clothes pin appears which you quickly attach to the hood surrounding my clit.  Ugggg.  I try not to squirm as the pinch dissipates into a warm throb.  To my surprise you unfasten one of my wrists, leaving it free. 

"You are not to use this hand unless I say so, Babygirl."

I nod, leaving it against my thigh, curious what you have planned for it.  It takes a lot of restraint to keep it in place with every inch of my body crying out for relief. 

Satisfied that I am playing by the rules you grab the end of the chain and turn around, presenting me your ass.  Your fucking luscious man ass. 

Oh god!  I need that...want inside!!  Without realizing it, I make animalistic noises behind my gag.

A quick jerk of the chain and I am silenced back into submission"Behave," you growl.

Trying to focus on the sting in my nipples and the pinch in my clit I watch you reach back with your other hand to fish around for your anus and push inside with not one but two fingers.  Fuck yes!  You begin a steady pumping motion.  In and out.  In and out.  I close my eyes unable to watch.  I can almost feel my girlcock swelling in response, my balls drawing close to my body.  I'll never make it.

As if sensing what I am doing you give the chain a quick tug. "Open your eyes and watch me fuck my ass babygirl.  As punishment, you are going to stroke my girlcock in time with my hand."

Nooo!  My eyes snap open.  My breath catches, coming in pants as I see you have three fingers buried deep.  My hips come off the chair involuntarily as the need to be inside you shakes me to the core.  Your head is turned back to watch me, ensuring that I follow your instructions.  With my free hand I grasp the length of my cock and with the other I sink my fingernails into the fleshy palm, trying to refocus myself.  Drool and wetness are leaking from my mouth and pussy at a steady stream now as I fight the urge to rotate my hips and fucking take what I want. 

"Don't you dare fuck yourself on my cock.  All you get to do is watch and stroke."

You turn back and resume pumping your meaty fingers in and out.  I want to scream at you to get out of my head.  My hand against my girlcock refuses to let me shake that dominant need inside of me.  The duality of my sexual needs battles inside of me until a victor emerges.  Shaking I slump in my chair, reaching that level of submission that transcend everything else.  My breathing evens out and I just exist in the moment.  Yours to command. 

Finally you pull your fingers from your ass.  Your pucker doesn't close right away but instead remains open, giving me a view inside of you.  Turning around you eye me closely.  The satisfied smile that shapes your lips is all I care about.  "Good girl." 

Those magic words that have so much power wash over me.  You stand in front of me, bringing your cock eye level.  It's dripping wetness almost as much as both my lips are.  Without a single word you push my hand from my cock, straddle my legs and sink down over me, letting your ass swallow me whole.  The light hair on your ass cheeks tickles my thighs as some of your weight settles against me.  My girlcock pushes forward with the weight of you on it, pressing into my g-spot with an intensity that steals my breath away.  Your hands grasp the back of the chair as your begin your ride.  One hand weaves it's way into my hair and pulls my head back so I am forced to look up at you, watching you pleasure yourself on me. 

Time slows to a heart pounding pace as you and I share the most perfect moment of dominance and submission.  The claps behind my head is loosened and the ball gag falls to the floor.  Your mouth is against mine, drinking the moisture and massaging my stiff tongue with your warmer one.  Your cock is thumping against my stomach with each hard fuck down.  You are relentless in fucking my cock.  I know if it were real it would have exploded in your ass the minute you sat down.  I stay focus on your pleasure.

"Oh fuck yes, babygirl!" you groan against my mouth as your ass smacks down hard against my sweat-covered thighs,"cum with me!!"

As if pulled back into real time by your command, my entire body's pleasure comes into focus and I take hold of the reins, arching against my cock, trying to drive it deeper in your ass.   My free hand grabs a handful of your cheek and pulls you down over and over.  My girlcock is suddenly mine and with it comes the heady knowledge that it's buried deep in your fuck hole.  Mine, mine, mine!  Within seconds it all comes crashing down over me and I am flung over the edge into an endless abyss of pleasure.  You are there with me, loads of cum shooting between our bodies, a string of obscenities on your lips as your shaking thighs slow down and finally settle against my own exhausted ones.

Your forehead is against mine as my lashes open and I see your beautiful dark eyes searing into mine.  Our breathing still shaky and erratic as we both struggle for words.  Neither of us can express what just happened between us.  You are the first to crack a's lop-sided and boyish and I respond with one of my own.  It communicates one single thought between us.
I walk into the bedroom and pause, resting against the doorway.  I see you bent over the bed with your legs slightly parted. I can see your balls, full and round tucked up against your body. It startles me to see you like this because usually you are the aggressor. Your arms are extended over your head and your face is turned, looking back at me over your shoulder.  The intensity I see there stuns me. Your eyes roam my naked body, zoning in on one thing.

I have a girl cock strapped on, a fleshed colored one that is a little bit smaller than your own. I stroke it with my hand as you watch. I am excited, my heart is beating steadily at what we are about to do.  As I approach the bed I see your ass shift, not quite in invitation but to rub your straining cock against the bed.  My hips push into your slightly furry ass and my strap rests along the crease. I stay there a moment, letting you get use to it, preparing for what's to come.  Up until now only my fingers and mouth have sampled your ass. This will be the first time with my girlcock and I want to savor it.

I rock the length of it back and forth along your ass crack letting you feel the weight and size of it.  I see your fists clench and hear your breath quicken.  You moan as I drop to my knees and part your ass, holding you open so I can have a good look at what consumes so much of my desires.  I gather some spit in my mouth and let it drop down into your crack, running slowly towards your sexy little fuck hole.  Using my thumb, I spread my spit around until it’s glistening.  Every swipe across your pucker has it tightening up in anticipation.

I slowly work my finger past the tight ring of muscle up to the knuckle and hear you release the breath that you have been holding.  I bite my lip to keep from crying out as I feel your body instinctively pull me inside, so tight and warm and soft.  I give you a moment and lean down to whisper against your ear.  "Mine," I say.  Your eyes burn dark and raw with passion.  "Yours," you whisper back.

Dropping a kiss on your mouth I straighten and begin pushing in and rotating as I pull out, your ass squeezing to keep me inside.  The noises you make when I rub against that spot inside you make my entire body run hot, bringing out that side of me that only you can.  That side that drives me to possess you until your every thought is consumed by me.

My finger is nice and hot and slick from your hole and I can't help the idea that forms in my head.  I pull out and lean my body over you, pushing my breasts into your back.  As I rub my nipples back and forth to ease the ache I offer you my finger I and say  "Taste what I'm about to fuck.” 

You do, without hesitation and a throb settles into my cunt remembering a different night when you tasted me fully.  I ask you if you like the taste of your own ass and you groan around my finger still sucking and savoring.

My pussy is throbbing hearing the noises you make and I drop back down, spread your ass wide and slide my tongue against your hole, sucking and licking all that hot, wet skin.  I can feel your hips rocking, driving back against my tongue as that instinctive need to be penetrated takes hold.   I know your cock is hard and leaking, trapped between your hot skin and the bed.

When your hole is nice and relaxed from my finger and tongue, I use both of my thumbs to open it and push my tongue inside as deep as I can go, fucking and eating you out until I’ve swallowed all your delicious ass juice.  This drives you wild and I feel your hand reach behind you to tangle in my hair and pull my mouth in closer.  When you can’t take any more I stand up and make a show of wiping my mouth and licking my hand in front of you.  I smile and wink as I push you up onto the bed on your hands and knees.

Crawling behind you on my knees, I pour some lube in my hand and work it over the entire length of my cock.  I spread your ass open again and line it up against your glistening pucker, sliding the slicked up head back and forth over your hole like you do to me, knowing how much it drives me crazy.  "Tell me to fuck your ass baby," I say.  

You do, your voice hard and strained.  I hesitate for a moment, needing to know you really want this.  As if reading my mind, you look back at me and moan, pushing your hips back in invitation...a sight so fucking hot it makes my pussy ache.  "Fuck me please," you say and I can't help but hear the desire in your voice.

"Oh god, yes...fuck it!"  I bite my lip and push the head in.  I'm memorized by the sight of my cock sinking inside you, pushing all the way in until I bottom out and my hips are pressed up against your full, round ass. We both release a groan and I lean down and find your mouth, conveying with my kiss what my mind and lips can't formulate.  This moment is perfect.

My bare pussy is soaked and swollen and I need to cum so bad.  I knew being inside you would have this effect on me.  Unable to resist any longer, I begin moving in and out of your body in a steady, slow rhythm.  Once your ass adjusts to the size and presence of me, I increase my speed, fucking into you deeper and deeper.  Every slam has my clit on fire.

Hearing you grunt and moan is like music to my ears…so damn HOT it makes me lose control as I fall into the role of aggressor.  I begin pulling you back on my cock and rotating my hips up to hit your sweet spot.  I see your hands bunch in the sheets and love seeing you on the edge like this; I imagine your cock is leaking a steady stream of precum.  Every slap of my hips against your ass has me nailing your prostate and I know the pleasure must be intense.

"Ughhh! Touch my cock," you groan into the sheets.

I grab your cock up in my hand, it's hard and straining.  I start to stroke it, knowing just how to keep you on the edge, spreading all that sticky cum around the head.  I'm so close, my hips rotating and driving my clit against the base of the cock, bringing us both unbearable pleasure.  “You ready to cum show me how much you love this cock in your ass?”

“Mmmmfuckkkk yessss!!!,” you grunt out, pushing back into me now.  Your hole makes obscenely noisy wet sounds as I pound it and it throws us both over the edge.  We cum loud and hard…I can feel your hot cum spurt all over my hand and feel my pussy juice running down my thighs.  We collapse against one another, breathing hard.  I wrap my arms around you and rest my head against your back, feeling your heart race.

After a moment of comfortable silence I whisper, "Thank you baby.”  Your hand finds mine and squeezes it tight, pulling it up to rest against your heart.  The steady beat there lulls us both into a blissful sleep.
Written by boyboygirllove

I try not to focus on the clock counting down my workout as my feet pound hard against the treadmill.  Sweat rolls down my back and into my ass crack at a steady stream.  Through the burn in my lungs and muscles my mind remains fixed on what went down in this very gym a month earlier.   My first sort of mmf, an unexpected threesome with two men of questionable sexual orientation.  Whether gay, bi or curious I was still uncertain.  All I knew for sure was that I could not get either of them out of my head.

I power through the last five minutes, my eye continually watching and hoping for one of them to appear.  I’d seen Mitch and Ryan in here separately on a handful of occasions and with the exception of a flirtatious wink from Ryan and an uncomfortable blush from Mitch not a word was spoken of our previous encounter.  Which frustrated the HELL out of me and my greedy pussy!  All I could think about was my first taste of manlove and wanting some of that intensity and lust directed at me.  I’d even gone so far as to seek out porn with a bi threesome flare to satisfy the new urges that were aroused in me.   Though my hope of taking it further with them was not looking very good at this point.

Twenty five minutes later, hair still damp from a quick shower, I walk out to my car, mentally making a list of what to pick up for dinner on my way home.  It’s a beautifully warm evening and the contrast of my damp skin and hair feels great though I can’t help but feel on edge.  I really need to get laid.  I fumble around in my purse for my keys, trying not to do a mental count of the days gone by since my last romp, when a pair of voices draws my attention.  I cock my head in the direction of what sounds like a heated argument and spot two guys on the far side of the parking lot.  I almost chalk it up to two meat-heads arguing over who can bench more when something catches my eye.  The way the slightly smaller one is leaning close to the taller one has my heart speeding up like a freight train.  Immediately a different scene flashes in my mind of the same pose only pressed hard into the change room lockers.  It can’t be though, can’t it?

Abandoning my search for keys, I strain to try and hear something that will confirm what I’m seeing.  The two men are shadowed by a large tree and completely engrossed in one another.  Figuring a closer look can’t hurt, I begin inching my way through the parking lot, grateful I’m in runners instead of heals like last time.  When I get to a minivan a few feet away, I stop and listen.

“This is bullshit. One minute you want me…are texting me late at night, dick swollen from how hard I make you and the next stone fucking cold?” Ryan’s deep rasp comes across clearly.

“Once! Never again..,” Mitch yells, more frustrated than anything.

Jane…you are the luckiest son of a bitch, I think, doing a mental happy dance and practically high-fiving my pussy.  The pervy gods are smiling down on you tonight! I step out from behind the van and out into their line of view.   “Seriously…can’t you two just accept that you’re hot for each other and get on it already?”

Ryan is the first to react and he breaks away from Mitch, a giant smirk forming on his scruffy face.  "Shit.“

Mitch straightens at seeing me and makes a not so subtle move to hide his obvious hardon.  "Jane….”

“I’m disappointed boys.  For the past few weeks I’ve been having very erotic fantasies about how much kinky fucking the two of you must be up to…only to find out you’re still dancing around each other.” I shake my head in exaggerated disappointment.

“Well Jane, I can’t seem to convince our friend here that enjoying my cock doesn’t make him gay.”

I watch the two of their eyes meet and can still feel the electricity between them.  My cunt instantly lights up like the fourth of July.

Mitch breaks their gaze and smiles at me apologetically.  "I meant to text you after…“

He lets that hang in the air and I arch an eyebrow at him.

"Okay, okay…I might have totally flaked,” he says, a genuinely sorry smile on his face.

I can see he’s really struggling with this and on a whim I say, “You boys want to go get a beer and some pizza…maybe get to know each other?”

Ryan doesn’t hesitate…he’s all smiles as he nods.  Mitch drags his palm along his jaw and exhales, letting some of the tension release from his frame.  "Alright I guess.“

We agree on the place and then retreat to our cars.  On the drive there I am alive with nervous excitement.  I mentally go through a checklist in my head: Shaved…check.  Clean panties…well, sort of but getting dirtier by the moment.  Breath mints…check.  Protection…duh.  It takes no time at all and I arrive at the pub just down the street from where I live.

Mitch and I pull up at the same time and I smile at him as we approach the front entrance together.  He’s dressed nice and freshly showered and I realized how close I came to missing these two at the gym tonight.

"I’m glad you didn’t get cold feet on the five minute drive over,” I tease, putting my keys away in my purse.

“You are trouble,” he teases back.  "I probably should be running for the hills.“

We both laugh and head inside, grabbing a booth in the back.  Being a Tuesday night the place is practically empty and I’m thankful for the privacy.  We order a pitcher of beer and a large pizza as Ryan arrives and smoothly slides into the round booth beside me.  

We sit in silence for a minutes before Ryan reaches for the bowl of peanuts and cracks one loudly.  "So…is this like a first date?”

We all laugh as the tension eases.

“In a kinky way I suppose it is,” I say honestly.

“Is this the kinkiest thing you’ve ever…um…done Jane?” Mitch asks the table, avoiding my eyes.

I look at Ryan and nod.  "You two are definitely at the top of my kinky scale. You’ve spoiled me for life, “ I say cracking a smile.

At that Mitch looks up.  "So this thing,” he nods awkwardly at Ryan, “really turns you on?”

I don’t miss a beat.  "Hottest. Thing. Ever. I’ve actually been into manlove for a while…you know, books and stuff.  But stumbling on you two and watching it unfold live will likely be the high point of my entire sex life.“

"Not if I have anything to do about it,” Ryan lets that hang in the air, eyes locked on Mitch.  

I squeeze my legs together at the electric charge that goes between them and a not so quiet moan escapes my lips just in time for the waitress to arrive with our beers.

Jumping in to action, Mitch takes it upon himself to pour us all a beer, blushing profusely as he does.

The waitress eyes us curiously in the silence that follows and says, “Pizza should be up soon!”

I smile up at her and take a large sip of my beer.  "Yum.“

As she scurries off the three of of laugh and I am thrilled at how comfortable I feel with them.  "Seriously though…you guys have some crazy chemistry between you.”

“Just imagine that heat between all three of us,” Ryan says, taking a swig of his beer.

Our eyes meet and I see the same lust behind their eyes that I know is burning in mine.  My cunt flares to life and I know in that moment I’ve never wanted anything more.  I don’t just want to be a spectator…I want bodies and fucking and cum.  I want to taste cocks before they sink into asses and I want both of them inside me at the same time.  I release the breath I’ve been holding and it comes out more as a moan.

“Fuck…” Mitch releases his and I realize the sexual tension crackling between us is a fucking live wire.

“We need to be anywhere but here, ” Ryan grits out, palming his crotch under the table.

The waitress chooses that moment to return with our pizza.

Without taking our eyes off each other I whisper, “We’ll take it to go.”


Shoving the pizza in my fridge I turn back and face the guys, trying to slow my heartbeat down so I don’t hyperventilate, pass out and miss all of the fun.  When I simultaneously felt Ryan’s hard cock brush my hip and caught Mitch’s hungry graze staring at it in the elevator I almost exploded.   Now that we were in the privacy of my apartment, Mitch was over at the window looking awkward and Ryan was fiddling through my stack of fashion magazines next to him on the couch. Not exactly the hot, clothes-ripping session I had envisioned on the drive over.   Clearly I was going to have to get creative if I wanted what I knew we could have between the three of us.

Walking into my bedroom I open my closet and rummage through my toy box, which was growing more full and daring as I aged. Grabbing up the items I needed, I walk back out to the living room and deposit the items on the coffee table without any warning.  Ryan sits up from his slouch and eyeballs the black mask and rope in front of him and then lets out a deep laugh. “You are a kinky one.”  

At that, Mitch walks over to get a better look and I pray he doesn’t make a run for the door.

“Do you trust me Mitch?” I ask with a not-so-innocent smile on my face.

Looking up from the table he rubs his chin looking a little weary.  "Is that all for me?“

I shake my head.  "The blindfold is for you so you can relax and not let your mind interfere.  The rope is for him so you know that you’re safe from his…intensity.  At least to start,” I say with a wink.

“I’m game,” Ryan leans forward to grab the rope.  "You any good with this?“

I walk over to him and take it from his outstretched hand.  "I’ll make sure you can’t get at him.”

Ryan laughs and looks past me to Mitch, heat still smouldering in his eyes.  "See mate…all safe with me.“

I hear Mitch swear under his breath and turn to face him.  He looks wound up, still uncertain.  Grabbing up the mask I approach him, only stopping when our bodies are touching and our mouths are inches apart. "I promise you if you put this mask on you are still in control. You utter the word and we stop. I bet you don’t though.  I bet we only hear you begging for more, isn’t that right Ryan?” I ask without turning around.

“I’d put money on it. He wants me real bad.”

“Fuck you,” Mitch laughs, turning his head away.

I guide his face back and lick my lips.  "Fuck us,“ I purr, closing the distance between us.  His mouth is minty as I lick inside and slide my tongue along his. There is only a moments hesitation before he is feasting on my mouth and pulling me closer.  There is desperation in his kiss and I give it right back to him, only pulling away when I feel Ryan behind me.  Suddenly Ryan’s mouth is against my neck, sucking and biting.  I can tell by Mitch’s eyes that I’ve lost him to Ryan’s gaze so I drop to his neck and mimic what Ryan is doing to mine.  I feel enveloped, surrounded by strong bodies and moans and I fucking love it.

Before I lose it I break out of their grasps and hold out the mask.  "What’s it going to be?”

Mitch smiles at me almost boyishly, his lips still wet from mine.  "I’m in your hands Jane.“

I wink and motion for the guys to follow me to the bedroom.  My pussy is slippery as I walk and I fear I’ve leaked right through my panties. Such a naughty girl.

At the bed I turn and motion for them to both sit. "Strip down to your undies boys…and please…don’t even think about leaving your socks on!”  

I watch admiringly as they peel of their gear.  Ryan in a pair of tightie whities and Mitch in plaid boxers.

“I gotta say Jane, I’m loving this bossy side of you,” Ryan smiles playfully, tossing his rolled up socks at me.

I duck a head shot and arch an eyebrow at him.  "As opposed to all the other sides you know about me?“


Without any preamble I slide out of my clothes, thankful for once I grabbed a matching black bra and panty set instead of some hideous stripey cotton underwear that were leftover from my college years.

Both men groan appreciatively and I eye fuck them right back.

“Hands behind your back,” I order Ryan in my best domme voice. It takes me a few minutes to tie him up so that his hands are secured behind him with a length of rope left to act as a leash.  I show Mitch my knot skills and he takes a calming breath and nods.  I slide the leather mask in place and leave the two of them sitting there for a moment.  Perfect, I croon to myself at what a sexy image they make.

Giving the rope a tug, I pull Ryan to his feet to stand in front of Mitch, positioning him between his legs.  Without seeing Ryan’s cock in front of him, Mitch’s mouth opens in unspoken invitation.  I begin stroking the length of him, moving generous amounts of pre-cum up and down the length noisily.  "He’s so hard for you…I can tell you’re all he’s been thinking about for weeks.“  Ryan leans down to whisper "you too” in my ear and I wink at him.  Taking a drop of pre-cum I bring it over to Mitch’s mouth and let him suck it off of me.  I can barely hold back a moan when he sucks at it greedily as if starved for the taste.   “Fuck….now I know why you’ve been on his mind.  If I had a cock I’d want that mouth wrapped around it 24/7.”

“Let me in then,” Ryan grits out between clenched teeth and I can tell he’s barely keeping his shit together.

Bending down to Mitch I say, “What do you think?  Should I have a lick and then you?”

“Okay,” he nods, licking his lips.

Opening my mouth I look up at Ryan as I lap at the tip and moan. I’m not quiet about this and I feel Mitch grow restless beside me.  I order him to open his mouth for me and lean down to push my cum flavored tongue against his.  He mouth quickly latches onto it, sucking it like a cock and I know he’s more than ready. “His cock feels amazing in my mouth…the hot, silky weight of him drives me crazy.”

“Jane, fuck…,” Mitch whispers pleadingly, practically straining off the bed to position his mouth as close to the action as he can get.  

“Want something?” I ask innocently.

“A lick,” he says near panting.

“Jesus Jane…put us out of our misery!” Ryan says, sounding as tortured as Mitch.

As eager as them, I pull Mitch’s head in closer and watch as he captures the head in his mouth like a thirsty man who’s finally found water. My fingers find the waist band of my pants and slip inside as I take in the living porn playing out in front of me.  I moan at the collection of moisture pooled in my panties and use it to coat my fingers and shove three inside.  It’s all Mitch and I happily take on the role of spectator.

“God damn boy…that fucking cock hungry mouth of yours is worth the wait.”  Ryan grits out, tipping his head up to the sky like he’s found heaven.  The muscles in his thighs bulge as he struggles to keep himself upright against Mitch’s erotic assault.

Pulling off after several deep sucks, Mitch pushes his face into the wet cock memorizing the feel. “Been dreaming about the taste…you fucking got in my head.”

“Just wait till I get in your ass.”

Mitch and I simultaneously moan and I wonder if it’s something he’s considered.  Being fucked in the ass is a big step and one I wasn’t sure he was ready to take.  "You wanna see that, don’t you Jane?“ he asks, turning his head in my direction.

"Mitch I’m all for watching him take your ass but please don’t do it just for me.”

I watch as I boyish smile transforms his masked face.  "I was asking if it would be a turn on to watch….I’ve been playing with my ass for years.“

"Oh thank fuck!” Ryan shouts out, muscles straining across his shoulders.  "Let me at him…“

"Down boy!” I laugh, smacking him hard on the ass.  "Prep work is important…we need to work as a team.“  I pull both guys onto the bed with me and position Ryan on his back after removing his restraints and giving him that you better not touch him until I say look.  He mouths "I promise” and lets out a slow steadying breath.

Guiding Mitch up onto the bed, I position him over top of Ryan in a 69, hearing him curse as Mitch’s chest brushes his swollen cock. I crawl up beside them and help Mitch slide backwards lining up cocks and asses and mouths until I hear a chorus of mmmmm fucks!  I lean down to where Mitch’s mouth has latched onto Ryan’s cock and whisper in his ear, “Tease the fuck out of him and make him pay for weeks of driving you crazy!”   His only response is loud sucking as he feasts on the object of his desire.

Ryan growls at me, “You are wicked, minx! Now give me a reward for not attacking him”

Sitting up I lean down over Mitch’s parted ass and opening it further with a devious glint in my eye, “You mean this?” I ask innocently, running my finger over one of the sexiest assholes I have ever seen.  "It’s so hot and tight. I bet you want in there, don’t you?“

"Like I need air,” he grits out, clearly suffering under Mitch’s mindless cock lust.

Ignoring him I lean down over Mitch and lick and kiss, moaning against his raised pucker.

“Fuck Jane!!!” Mitch pulls off the cock in his mouth and arches his back, eager for more.  "I’ve never….no one’s ever…“

I slide my tongue up inside him and his words become incoherent as he reaches back to press my head in deeper.

"Fuck his cock is like a rock trapped between us,” Ryan yells, “rub yourself on me…fucking now!”

“Yessss….oh god,” I feel Mitch slowly rock back and forth, only helping to slide my tongue in deeper.  My cunt is aching and I reach back to push my panties off, tilting my hips up to Ryan and his fingers are there before I can vocalize what I need.  Tunneling in deep I moan out, sending more vibrations into his sensitive hole.  I’m so close to the edge it only takes a few firm strokes from his two slightly bent fingers and I’m flying apart, cumming loudly as I push back like a wanton whore riding out the waves of pleasure on his fingers.

“Shit…fuck…you guys…”  I slowly sit up with a drunk-like smile on my face as his fingers pull free and realize both guys are focused on me, Ryan with his dark heated eyes and Mitch’s head, turned over his shoulder, listening, jaw clenched.

“One down nine to go,” Ryan winks at me, licking my pussy juice from his fingers.

“I have no doubt…you guys are deadly on my self control.”  

“You bastard. I want her taste in my mouth too,” Mitch says heatedly.

Without missing a beat, Ryan’s fingers are probing my cunt again with loud, wet strokes.  "Here you go,“ he offers, leaning forward to extend them up to Mitch’s mouth. "Suck her off of me.”

He does, loving it even more so coming from Ryan’s fingers.  I watch hard desire play out on Ryan’s face and I know these two and their fucking HOT chemistry will be the death of me.

“Hey! What happened to his restraints, "Mitch’s head snaps up.

"Fuck that,” Ryan growls, laying back down and grabbing onto his hips firmly, dragging his ass up to his mouth.

Mitch curses something fierce, knowing he’s in Ryan’s control and I gauge his lust-filled face closely.  Seeing no hesitation there I lean over him to get a close up on the ass to mouth action that has always been my weakness.  I watch Ryan struggle to get his hungry licks in between Mitch’s full cheeks.  Wanting unrestricted access for him I grab hold of each cheek and hold him open.  "Eat that beautiful ass for me, “ I urge.

Like a rabid dog, he does,  Kissing and sucking and licking all that light pink skin making the most animalistic sounds I’ve ever heard.

"Jesus fuck….!”  Mitch is in heaven, doing his best to push back on that firm, hungry tongue.

“Sit on his face Mitch…ride that tongue like I know you want to,” I purr, moving back to let him and remove my bra, rubbing at the sensitive tips.

Pushing up off of his clenched fists, Mitch does, arching his lean torso like the a fucking Adonis. At first he just bounces in place, awkward in his movements, but then Ryan’s hands encircle his hips, steadying his moments.  It becomes a thing of beauty though as I watch his hard cock rolling lewdly with each rotation of his hips.  The noises each of them make hits my gut as a tidal wave of heat and lust flares hot inside of me.  "You watching Jane? You loving this?“ he says blindly in my direction,

My breath hitches loudly at the intensity in his voice. "I can’t take my eyes off you guys. My cunt fucking aches like I didn’t just cum hard.”   As if in a trance, I get up on my knees, bringing my face close to him. I let him feel my breasts against him and he gasps in surprise.  "Let me taste you…let me taste your desire for him.“

Wordlessly he nods, biting his lip.  Seconds later I bend down and have him in my mouth, precum exploding on my tongue causing us both moan. Struggling to rock back and forth between us, Ryan’s hands find mine and cover them as we work to move him.  Lost in the symbiotic pleasure, I don’t realize how close I am again until I feel Ryan’s thigh push between mine and I cry out as my heated wet flesh meets hard, hairy skin. Mindlessly I grind against him, seeking out his abandoned wet cock with one of my hands as he cups my swinging breast. I can’t tell our groans apart…I feel drunk on them and realize fleetingly that this must be a taste of what orgies are like.  Rub, suck, grind, fondle, repeat. Shamelessly I cum hard against him and for the second time I’m euphoric.

"Jane STOP!”

It takes a second for my foggy brain to return to earth and I feel Mitch’s hands pulling gently at my head and realize I’m still sucking like a mad dog.

“Me too.” Ryan hisses, “I’m about to blow and I’m not doing it anywhere but in his ass.”

I back off both of them breathlessly and sit up panting, a little dizzy from the force of my orgasm.  Did I really just have an intense orgasm from humping his leg?  I smile a little bashful.  "Seriously…you two are better than hours of torturous foreplay!“

"You ain’t seen nothing yet darling,” Ryan says, pushing Mitch from his chest to straddling his hips and then sitting up behind him so that their bodies are pressed together.  Looping an arm around the bigger man’s chest and pulling him back until his ear is pressed against his mouth, he closes his eyes and says, “You ready for this, mate? No more pretending you don’t want this, fucking NEED this” he groans, punctuating each word with a thrust of his cock into Mitch’s backside. “If you think I’m in your head now…” his teeth clamp onto his lobe, abusing the tender skin and letting that hang in the air as a challenge.

Delirious with lust, Mitch arches back, “Take it.”

Not giving him a moment to rethink it, Ryan says, “Get on your back…I want to watch you cum and Jane needs a front row seat!”

Hearing that I have a sudden burst of energy and move, allowing the guys to spread out.  Mitch takes my breath away laid out before Ryan, still blindfolded, cock straining for release.

Scooting right up to him, Ryan grabs his legs, parts them and left them to fall on either side of his as he moved in as tight as he could get.

“Jane…” Mitch called out, voice uncertain.

Putting my hands on him I lean down and kiss him with the taste of his ass still on my tongue. I leave him breathless as I pull away and whisper, “I can’t wait to see his cock deep inside you.”  To drive the point home, I grab his hand and pull it between my legs to feel the incredible wetness there.

“Holy FUCK!” he chokes out, rubbing my now-aching cunt.

Taking hold of his cock, Ryan lines it up and begins painting his puckered opening in cum smears, groaning on contact.  Rub, smack , rub, rub, rub, smack, rub-

“Don’t TEASE!  Fucking fuck me!”

Ryan and I share a glance and without a word I lean forward and use two fingers to spread his hole open and in the other hand I taken Ryan’s beautiful cock.  "I’m going to feed him to you Mitch…one throbbing inch at a time.“

Both men groan in approval as I begin to feed his length inside.  I watch his cock jerk with each tunneling motion as his ass opens up and finally gives way for the head.   "JESUS…you’ve got a tight grip on him,” I whisper, so close to them both I’m certain they can feel my heated breath on them.  Desperate to see him buried to the root I nod at Ryan to do his thing.  Rotating his hips a bit, he sinks in another inch.  "More,“ I moan, almost envious that it wasn’t my ass being fucked.  I can tell the moment when the penetration turns from intense to painful and I stop his thrusting motion, leaning down to feast on Mitch’s cock until he’s straining in my mouth and doing his best to impale himself on Ryan’s cock.  

"Yes, that’s its mate…work that ass on my dick!”

I sit back and watch as they set up a hot fuck pace.  My nipples and clit begin to throb in time to them.  Thwack, thwack, thwack.  Balls and cock swinging.  The smell of ass and cunt and sweat fill the air nearly doing me in.

I watch Ryan struggle to get in as deep as he can and help hold Mitch’s legs to allow for a deep penetration that  has us all moaning.  I can feel my cunt dripping down my thighs as they rut.  Thwack, thwack, thwack!

“Get your fingers inside her Mitch…she’s about to explode!”

“Yesssssss!” I moan mindlessly as I feel him tunnel up inside of me.  My tits begin swinging as I fuck down on him and suddenly Ryan’s hand is there rubbing and pinching them, creating even more heat in my core.  I feel deliciously slutty and dirty hearing my own wet cunt being filled.   “Show me his hole!” I choke out.  

“You mean MY hole, Jane?” He says between thrusts.  I groan and nod, rewarded with a glimpse of a glistening pink O and a darker tunnel beyond.  I lean over and drop a bit of spit down inside of him.  "Fuck him,“ I gasp as Mitch adds another finger to my swollen pussy.  "Fuck the cum right out-!”

Adding a thumb to my clit I lose all ability to speak as I ride Mitch’s thick fingers, our chorus of moans and grunts the sweetest sounds I have ever heard.  Hitting that spot inside of me is game over and I scream out, thighs shaking as I reach the peak and crash over.

Ryan’s voice breaks through my post-orgasmic haze. “You ready for my cum mate?  I felt your ass tighten like a vise when Jane came…can’t take much more.”  

“Fuck yes!” He pulls his fingers from my cunt and tastes them.  "Next time she’s riding me when you’re inside of me though. I need to feel that cunt tighten like that around my cock!“

"Deal!” I smile, regaining some of my composure and grab up one of Mitch’s legs.  He fists his cock and begins pumping, moving incredible amounts of pre-cum up and down the length.

Not holding back now, Ryan grabs a firm hold on his thighs and lays into him with a force meant to claim him.  Mitch takes every body-shoving inch like he was born to do so.  Their chemistry is palpable and I get swept up in it.  “Oh fuckkkkk! Cum for me you two!!”

Both men reach their peak at the same time and it’s a thing of beauty.  Each cursed moan and creamy rope of cum spilt as they give into months of mutual lust is seared into my memory for life.  Their bodies still and in the moments the follow, Ryan pulls free and collapses on him, pushing the blindfold from Mitch’s face.  His eyes are closed tight, breath coming fast.  

I settle beside Mitch and watch Ryan study him. “You’re never shaking me,” he says firmly after a bit.    

With a quiet sigh of resignation, Mitch’s eyes open, his head turning slowly toward him.  Ryan doesn’t miss a beat, capturing his mouth up before an objection can form on his tongue.  They are wild in their movements, lips hungry and claiming, saying more than words ever could. No more blindfold, no more denial.  I exhale a breath, caught up in the intimacy of the moment.  They are beyond any fantasy, any porn or manlove book…and they are MINE.

As if sensing my thoughts both of them reach for me to pull me into their lust-filled kiss.  Before they can, I stop to gather some of Mitch’s split cum from his stomach and then fall into their embrace.  The moment our tongues and lips meet, the taste of their shared passion fills our mouths and fuels a round of lusty moans.  It’s unlike any kiss I’ve ever had before…like a brand of sorts…and I know I’ll never shake them.

You feel it slide down your ass crack and pool in your hole.  It’s cold against your heated flesh and you involuntarily open and clench your pucker pulling some inside you.  From behind you her breath catches and you hear her swear softly under her breath.  A cap clicks closed and moments later you are rewarded with her fingers sliding back and forth teasing, playing in the wet puddle.  The muscles in your back tense as you flex your pelvis up and silently plead for more.  It’s a craving that’s been riding you hard for weeks…ever since she surprised you with her tongue down there one day. 

You’d been playing with your ass for years, always in private thinking she’d be appalled by your desire for backdoor stimulation.  Sometimes it was a few fingers and other times it was makeshift objects around the house.  When the need struck you weren’t picky.  Anything to fill your hole and find relief would do.

She is slow and methodical in her touch, rubbing around the puckered rim, spreading your ass open further to get a peak at the pink glistening skin beyond the hair.  It feels deliciously dirty to have her looking at you there.  You can’t see her face but you know her eyes are dark and hungry.  A moan forms in your throat encouraging her, desperate to be penetrated.

Your breath snags as her finger breaches your asshole and you don’t hold back, pushing into it, driving her in deep. 

“God, you’re fucking tight,” she sighs.

“Not for long,” you smile.  “ Don’t hold back…give it to me.”

Not needing any further encouragement she applies more lube and begins working in first two then three fingers, finally giving you a taste of that fullness you’ve been so hungry for.  It feels so good to have her inside of you…that constant push/pull of her skin against yours.   You begin rocking into her, loving the feel when her hand begins smacking into your ass as her fingers reach their full depth.  Her fingers are so small and delicate though and it isn’t long before you want more.  More depth and more fullness.  In that moment images of asses being fisted fill your mind.  Your recall some depraved images you’d caught glimpses of online of a man’s ass being fisted and suddenly that’s what you want.

“Fucking put it all in me!” you grunt out, delirious on pleasure.

Her movements slow down a bit as she asks, “More fingers?”

“I want your whole hand in there babygirl…just like I watched you do to your cunt last week.”

Her fingers stop altogether and then pull free from your ass.  You are left feeling stretched and open on your hands and knees.  For a moment you worry you’ve pushed her too far.  Then you hear the unmistakable click of the cap and your lust ramps up for what’s to come. 

Her fingers are dripping wet when they return and there is a loud suctioning noise when her fingers tunnel in and pull out.  The friction is delicious as she pounds into you, working to open and stretch your rim.  You feel her fourth finger maneuver in and stretch your ass to it’s limits.  It nearly takes your breath away at the intensity.  “Oh fuck…maybe four’s enough,” you say.

“It’s not,” she says simply.  “You’re going to take my whole hand.  It’s what I know you need.”

The quiet dominance in her voice causes your cock to jerk against your stomach.  It’s wet and leaking a steady stream of precum. 

You laugh nervously, “I may have bitten off more than I can chew I-.”

The sudden smack of her hand against your ass, stuns you into silence.  Her hand picks up momentum as she pumps her fingers in and out.  The intensity is blended with pleasure and a twinge of pain and for a moment you have another objection on the tip of your tongue.

“You can and will.  My cunt is already hungry to see your ass stretched open for me.”  There is a hint of a challenge in her tone and your cock has decided for you that it’s up for it.

“My ass is yours to take then darlin.”

She smacks you twice more and giggles.  “As if you had a choice.”

Your ass is beginning to warm against beneath her palm and you almost ask for more as the sensation travels around to your balls and shaft, threatening to spill your cum all over you.  You are surprised how much you love being spanked. 

“Your greedy ass wants a fist pounding, doesn’t it?”  She purrs, really getting into it.

You decide to go all out and give her what she wants.  “It’s as hungry as your cunt was taking it. Fuck’n feed it to me babygirl!”

More smacks rain down on your other cheek and you can’t help but arch your back like needy slut.  “God yessss!”  You are surprised by how easily her four fingers are moving inside of you now.  Suddenly you can’t wait to feel her whole fist behind that momentum. 

“I knew you were a naughty boy who needed a good spanking,” she smirks as she begins working her thumb inside of you, slowly twisting back and forth inside of your tight ring.  “That’s it…open that man cunt up for me!  So fucking tight…come on baby…give it up for me!”

Sweat has formed against your brow and you are breathing hard.   Your cock is forgotten sagging against your stomach.  It’s almost too much to bare.  How the fuck could one small digit hurt so much?

Suddenly you feel something wet wiggling against your anus and you realize her tongue is in play, licking your abused ring.  It sends a jolt of pleasure up your shaft and you cry out, loving it. In between wet licks you hear her say, “You love it when I lick your hairy ass, don’t you baby?  Naughty boys love their dirty, hairy asses licked.”

The lewdness of her words has you on the brink of cumming again and suddenly her fist pops in and you feel instant relief as your ring shrinks down to encircle her smaller wrist.

“See…a little dirty talk goes a long way!”  She smiles and winks at you as you turn your head to look back at her.  Thankfully she leaves her wrist in place and leans down to lick and suck at your hanging balls.  Her mouth is masterful, sucking both balls into the hot, wet funnel of her mouth and humming.  Balancing on her arm she reaches between your legs and begins stroking your quickly hardening cock.  She strokes your cock like a fucking pro.

“Fucking hell, you’re good at that!” 

“I’m glad you like it…it’s all your getting from me.  From now on it’s my fist only,” she nips your ball sack and sits back up.

Bracing yourself you crane your head around and smile.  “I’ll take whatever you give me.  Especially if it makes your cunt wet!”

“Oh I plan to cum alright,” she says, keeping a straight face and reaching down to rub her cunt and finger fuck herself.  She pulls them slowly from her pussy lips and brings them up to her mouth, sucking loudly as she closes her eyes and moans at the taste.

You’d give anything for at taste at that moment.  As if reading your mind she reaches down for another quick three-finger pump and pulls them out to offer to you.  You open your mouth for your reward but half way to your lips she stops and wipes her cunt-juiced fingers against your ass.  The wetness feels good against your reddened ass and you groan.

“Fucking tease,” you growl, knowing full well where it will get you.

She arches an eyebrow and delivers several hard spanks to your already tender cheek.  As she does this she begins twisting her fist inside of your anal cavity. 

Your head sinks down between your shoulder blades as you inhale sharply.

“Fuck my fist slut…or I’ll keep spanking you harder and harder.”

Your butt cheek is now on fire and bordering on pain.  With no other choice you begin pushing back at a slow pace on her fist.  Your ass is so fucking full you feel dual sensations of pleasure and pain.  You push through it and give her what she wants.

“Oh fuck yes! More…push that greedy man cunt back hard on me!”

You can hear her fingers buried in her wet pussy again and it spurs you on.  It feels incredibly dirty to be on your hands and knees fucking back against her fist.  You ass is warming up faster than you expected and it isn’t long before the discomfort dissipates and you can fully sink into the pleasure of it all.

“God I’m so close…” she croons, rubbing furiously at her clit and driving her hand into your ass.

The counter movements pull her fist from your ass before slipping back in. 

“Fucking hell!” You grunt, lost in the mindless animal hunger of feeling yourself so open and needy.

She changes the angle of her arm and suddenly her fist is dragging hard against your prostate. 

“Oohhhhh fuuuuccckk…”

Her fist is almost punching into your ass now and you can only imagine what it looks like from her point of view above you.

Her breathing is coming in gaps now, barely holding her orgasm at bay.  “Come on you ass slut, fuck my fist and cum!”  The noises of your mutual penetration are loud and lewd and push you over the edge.  Rearing back for several more  deep strokes, your cock smacks hard against your stomach and explodes in several bursts of hot cum as you let out a litany of filth while riding out the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.

Through your haze you hear her go off.  Your turn back to watch her, slumping down on your shoulders.  She is riding her fingers, eyes glued to where her fist disappears inside of you. 

“Oh god yessssssss!” she rocks her hips hard into her hand.  She is beautiful as she comes apart, throwing her head back and screaming her bliss.  When her eyes finally find yours she is almost giddy, mouth breaking into the biggest smile.

“Wow…we did that.”

You chuckle.  “Yes we di-,” you finish in a hiss as she slowly maneuvers her hand from your asshole.

“Damn…you make one hell of a sexy sight all stretched open baby.”

She drops down beside you as your legs sag to the bed.  You briefly note the wetness beneath you but exhaustion is taking you over quickly and you can’t find the energy to clean up first.  “You make one hell of a dom babygirl.”

“Yeah I do,” she yawns proudly. 

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

Cuddling up against your side she smiles as she nips your shoulder.  “What?”

“I get to fist your ass next time babygirl,” you say smugly.

“Oh really?” She playfully smacks your abused ass.

“Really,” you capture her mouth in a kiss and wink at her.  You drift off to sleep with thoughts of being fist-deep in her tight ass.

It's morning.  You wake up and quickly realize that you are restrained to the bed by your wrists that hold your arms out at a sixty degree angle.  Your eyes open with a look of panic and you see me sitting by your feet.  Your gaze wanders over my naked body and the look in my eyes tells you that I am up to something.  I can see the initial fear is gone as a smile curves your lips.  “What’s this baby girl?” 

Without a word I climb on the bed and straddle your face, my thighs grazing your cheeks.  I lower my pussy to your face and tease you with it holding it an inch out of reach letting you look and breathe your

fill.  I can see the hunger in your eyes; my smell drives you wild.  “This is me having my wicked way with you,” I smile down slyly.   

“Payback for all those spankings?” You whisper against my cunt and lick your lips.   

I fight the urge to press myself into your mouth and shake my head.  “Because I want to have all this power under my control.” 

Your eyes lock on mine and it registers on your face that I am not playing around.  “I’m not some sub baby girl,” you respond firmly. 

Ignoring your objection I slowly slide my hand down to my clit and begin rubbing it right above your face. I take my time, parting my lips and letting you look your fill of my open pussy.  Your gaze is hungry as it shifts to the glistening folds slowly being worked over.  There is a wet suction as I penetrate my pink flesh with a finger and pull it out to wipe it against your cheek, just out of reach of your tongue. “You will be when I’m done.” 

Before you can object, I lower my pussy to your mouth and mash my aching clit against your open lips.  There is a look of defiance in your eyes as I ride your face with a nice slow grind of my hips.  I can feel you holding your lips in place doing your best to deny what you really want.  You give up your fight as I bite my lip and beg you with my eyes.  A growl escapes your mouth as you begin licking and tonguing me, gathering up as much of my taste as you can into your mouth.   I can feel the pressure build under your mastery.  Seeing you tied up makes me throb in a way that excites me like never before.  I cum as your mouth latches onto my clit and you suck hard, throwing me over the edge.   

As I come down from my pleasure I realize that my hands are gripping your hair.  Without missing a beat I tighten my grip and begin fucking your face, reveling in the sound of my wet cunt smacking against your mouth.  I ride you hard, taking what I want from you.  Something inside me unfurls and I become more verbal, asking you if you like my cunt and the taste of my juice.  The language that comes out if your mouth thrills me.  I moan and grunt, yelling at you to eat me, lick me, suck me as my pussy fucks harder and harder against your hungry mouth.  When my second orgasm rocks me I collapse beside you, breathing hard.  After a few moments, I catch my breath and look over at you.  Your eyes are the darkest I've ever seen them and your mouth is covered in my cum.  I bite my lip and sit up smiling down at you, seeing your cock ramrod straight and your arms straining against their ties.  You want loose.  You want me. 

Only I have other plans for you. Leaning down I give your cock a teasing lick and push your legs back against your chest. “Stay like this until I tell you to move,” I say before leaning down to bury my tongue between the cheeks of your ass.  I fuck your hole with my tongue and revel in the moans of pleasure I hear.  It isn’t often you let me do this but you know I crave it.  “You like it when I eat your little asshole, don’t you?”  There is a battle in your eyes as we dance closer to boundaries uncrossed before.   

"You know I do," you say in a strained voice.  It isn’t enough.  I come up from between your legs and arch an eyebrow, shaking my head. "Tell me then...say it," I order.  Your jaw flexes and I can tell you are clenching your teeth in frustration.  "I fucking love when you eat my asshole baby girl.” I feel a jolt at your tone and smile wickedly, returning to your exposed pucker and resume licking and sucking.  It isn't long before you are straining to keep your legs up and pushing your ass in my face.  I sit up and make a show of wiping my wet mouth on my arm.   

Our eyes burn on each others and I know you need to cum.  Without a word I reach over to the bedside table and pull it open and pick out a toy...a medium sized glass plug that you know is going to be a tight fit for your unused ass.  I make a show of tonguing it and sucking it in my mouth to warm it up.  I can hear your breathing coming faster and faster in anticipation.  I load up my finger with lube and begin working it in and out of your tight, slick hole.  I try to keep a calm look on my face at the noises you are making but my body is on fire inside.  I add a second finger and then a third; your ass stretching easily for me.  Fingering your ass creates a consuming heat in my pussy.  I have to remind myself to be patient; that the payoff will be worth it for the both of us. 

When I've fucked your ass with three fingers for a bit I pull out one finger and spread the other two creating a nice hole to pour some lube into.  When your juicy ass is overflowing I remove my fingers and begin working the solid plug in.  Your ass looks amazing as it swallows the widest part and disappears.  I admire my work and let you release your legs.  The pressure against your sweet spot is intense and your cock is ramrod straight and leaking a steady drip of precum. I debate about leaving you like that but then at the last minute I straddle your face again and grab a handful of hair, pulling your lips against my pussy and telling you to hold still while I fuck myself against you.  My thighs clench tight on either side of you and I cum hard, leaving a nice glossy sheen of my cum over your face.  Climbing down I smile at my handiwork and leave the bedroom without a look back. 

I return in what seems like an eternity.  The plug in your ass assures that your cock has remained hard the entire time.  There is a pool of precum against your stomach.  You are sweating and breathing hard,

needing to cum.  As I walk in you growl at me and say, "Dammit, untie me now."  Ignoring you I walk over to the bed and swipe my finger into the sticky pool of cum and bring it up to your lips, telling you to open up and clean my finger.  You do catching my finger sharply between your teeth.  It stings but I let it go, knowing full well your dominant side is lying just below the surface.  “Tell me you love cum,” I order.  You hesitate and release my finger, "Fuck yes, " you grit out.  I smile and slowly climb onto your chest, sitting with my ass and pussy right in front of your your face.  You can see I am wet and ready to play again.  Taking another toy from the drawer I place a vibe - a special g-spot vibe - against my pussy and begin working it in.  After a minute I begin fucking my cunt at a nice steady pace and you can tell by how juicy it sounds that I am extremely aroused.  After a few minutes of watching and listening I tell you to hold your mouth open and you do eagerly.  I work the vibe hard against my g-spot and begin cumming loudly. "Oh god..." I pull the toy out and you are rewarded with a warm, wet spray of cum that lands on your face and tongue.  I repeat it two more times, each time pulling out to squirt in your mouth.  You swallow as best you can and hold your tongue out for more...a sight so fucking sexy I know I'll never get enough of you.  I  smile and lower my dripping pussy over your mouth to lick clean.  

Climbing off of you I bend down to suck the head of your cock in my mouth.  You groan and try and push up inside. I pull off and shake my head.  "I'm not done playing," I say.  Smiling wickedly I pull your plug out and watch as your asshole gapes wide.  I tell you to pull your legs back and you do.  I lean over and spit into you stretched ass, loving the groan of pleasure  that comes out of you.  “Do you like your ass filled baby?”  

"Baby more games.." you try to assert some authority into your tone but you are too far gone.  I cross my arms and ask you if your ass likes being filled, this time in a firm voice.  You close your eyes for a second, collecting your patience.  When they open you have the sexiest look in your eyes,  You slowly lick your lips and say, "I fucking love having my asshole filled."  I have to bite my lip to stop the moan from escaping.  I smile and pull another toy from the drawer.  This one is a vibe of a bit bigger slides in with a little help and I turn it on low.  You immediately moan and arch your hips of the bed.  I begin to walk away.  "Baby girl!" you call out.  I turn back and arch my eyebrow in question.  "Please...I can't take much more of this."  Keeping as cool a look on my face I try to hide the fact that I am seconds away from pouncing on you.  "You will though...if you want to cum," and with that I leave the room, putting a little more sway in my hips that usual.  I smile as I hear you groan and swear from a distance. 

When I return 20 minutes later you are moaning and breathing hard and I can tell you have been right on the edge for a while but can’t quite find release.  I approach the bed and drink my fill of you in such a submissive state.  “I swear...I have never seen a sexier sight than you are right now.”  I lean down and whisper in your ear that you have me so wet I am dripping down my thighs.  "Omg...shut that thing off Baby girl!!" Knowing you are beyond close I reach out at hand and switch off the vibrations.  You immediately release a breath and let your head fall back on the bed.  I slide a finger up your stiff cock and you cry out in dismay as though my single touch could send you over the edge.   

I smile and decide you need to come down a bit from your arousal if I am going to get everything out of you that I need.  Untying one wrist I tell you to get on your hands and knees.  You do, groaning loudly from the stiffness in your muscles.  I retie your wrist to the bed and crawl behind you.  “Spread your legs and stick your ass out.”  You do, way passed your resistance to being submissive and hoping for some release.  Slowly sliding the vibe out I watch with extreme pleasure as your ass stays open to form a perfect O.  "Fuck...your ass baby...UNF."   

"Oh god I need you baby girl," you whisper tiredly and I place a hand on your back and let you feel my touch as I slowly lean down and slide my tongue inside your ass. We both groan and I continue to massage your hole with my tongue, sliding in as deep as I can go.  The noises you make are almost incoherent and I know this is driving you wild.  Moving beside you I pull your face into mine and push my tongue inside your hot mouth letting you taste yourself on my tongue.  I let you suck it clean before pulling away.  Your eyes lock on mine intensely.  "Please..."  My heart begins beating fast and I barely breath the words, "I need to hear you say it, baby."  I swear your eyes burn black in that moment as they drill into mine and you give into what you need.  "Fuck my ass baby girl...take's yours."  I release the breath I was holding and lean into kiss you gently, whispering "always mine" against your lips. 

I pull away from the kiss because the need has been building all morning and we both have one thing in mind.  Moving off the bed, I pull one last item from the drawer.  I step into the harness and slide it up my legs, securing it at my hips.  I look down at the girl cock attached and begin stroking it.  I move back toward your mouth and because I can't help myself I tell you to suck me.  There isn't any hesitation, just your hungry mouth latching on and pulling me inside.  Watching you suck my cock is one of the most erotic things I have ever experienced.  My hands find their way into your hair as I pull you in closer, forcing the cock in a little more. When saliva begins to leak from your mouth I pull out and move behind you.  Taking the bottle of lube I squirt a little into your gaping ass.  You moan as the cool moisture slide deep inside.  I squirt some in my hands and work my cock until the entire surface is shiny. Lining the head of my cock up with your ass I rub the tip into your hole and smack it obscenely a couple of times.  "Ask me again," I say.

"Now baby girl...fuck my ass!!" you cry out pushing against the tip. You gasp as I enter and I tell you your hole looks hot spreading open for my cock.  You whimper at the pressure against your prostate and I know you must be close.  "Don't cum until I say baby," I warn, pushing all the way inside of you.  "Oh fuck," your breath swooshes out of you.   I grab your ass cheeks in each of my hands and begin pulling you back and forth over my cock.  I fuck into your hole with abandon.  Smack, smack, SMACK!  My hips against your full round ass nearly sends me over the edge.  "Take my cock up and take it!"   You cry out and pull against the restraints around your wrists.  You are out of your mind...desperate to release and cum.  My pussy is right on the edge and I let loose, drilling into your ass and fucking hard.  "I want you to cum baby but you cannot touch your cock...only the force of my fucking is what's going to make this cock cum, you understand me?"  Lost in your own wild lust you grunt "Yes," as you push back to meet my every thrust.   I grab your hips, tilt my cock up and begin pounding your sweet spot.  You cry out and begin saying, "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck my ass!" 

My pussy is about to explode and I yell, "Take it baby...make this ass cum for me!! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!  You make an animal-like noise and begin moaning as your orgasm rocks you.  It sets off my own and I cum hard, pounding my clit against your full ass.  We collapse into a pile and I fight to catch my breath as my mouth seeks out yours, both of our bodies still shaking from pleasure.  I quickly untie your hands.  "OMG baby...thank you," I whisper against your mouth.  "I love you," you barely get out.  I brush the sweat from your forehead and kiss it.  "I love you, baby."  In that moment I am at a loss for words...I smile and curl up against you knowing I am the luckiest girl.

We’d seen him across the dance floor, nursing his drink and eying his watch like he had better places to be.  There was something about him though; a restless energy that look like it needed an outlet and badly. 

"So what do you think?" Sean leaned in close and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.  His lips explored my neck as he whispered, "He’s practically begging for it."

Taking one last swig of my beer, I stood up and grabbed his hand.  I purposely steered us past the guy’s table and saw him take notice as we slowly walked by.  I chose a spot not too far away and pulled Sean in close.  I waited for our guy to find my eyes as I swayed to the music and felt my hunger grow.  If I was right, I’d find the chemistry that I had been searching for.  If I was wrong…well fuck it, you only loved once, right?

Wasting no time I slid my hands down from Sean’s waist and grabbed two handfuls of jean-clad ass.  Like a moth to a flame I had the other guy’s attention, his eyes casual at first, taking in Sean’s full round ass.  It wasn’t until his eyes flickered up to mine that the fire really started to burn.  His hunger.  My hunger.  There was no denying we both wanted what was between us and more. 

Motioning with my finger, I beckoned him to join us and waited for a heart-pounding eternity for him to work up the courage to come over.  The music was loud and frenetic in its pulsing energy.  The dance floor swallowed him up in a sea of sweaty bodies and breathless lust as he fought to reach us. 

"He took the bate, " I whispered loud enough for Sean to hear and spun in his arms so that my ass was against his hardening cock.  I gave a slow sultry circle of my hips as I watched our guy edge his way around us.  None of us said anything.  Only smiled.  I pulled him in with an arm around his neck and knew his eyes were locked on Sean’s.

I was wet in moments, living my hottest fantasy; to be this close to some scorching hot man lust.  Hell, I wasn’t close, I could feel it coming off of them in waves.  Like a conduit, I fucking lit up.  I tried to control my breathing as I brought them in closer. 

I let it simmer as I watched them eye fuck each other.  It was like they were in their own world, their lust palpable.  As they slowly closed the distance between each other, my breath caught.  God yes, I wanted what they wanted so badly.  To watch, participate…it didn’t matter.  We were gonna take this thing all the way to the end and fucking combust….