Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

Audrey discovered some of her new beau’s secret porn stash, and as it turned out, he’d been hiding a little dirty secret from her. It was one that she’d hope some wild lover would finally share with her in the naked flesh. So she set her plan in motion to lure that hungry little fantasy of his, right out into the open.

When he finally and ashamedly admitted to some (but not all) of his secretive bi fantasies, he said he’d kept it from her because he thought she wouldn’t want him due to said secrets.

She kissed him, and softly rubbed his rising dick and said, “No, baby, just the opposite. If you keep that hidden and untried with me, especially now that I know, I’ll leave you because of not at least trying it.”

Once they found their first shared lover, this is how they started. Somehow, diving into the act sucking a hot cock together, trading back and forth, giving one another lessons in their personally discovered “how to’s”, and daring the other to trip the trigger first to capture the bulk of the monster load - this became their new feverish addiction.

And more often than not, Audrey let her man have the creamblast of the overpowering first cum shots - she was so lost in watching him taunt another man’s sex, and his devouring the entire length of the pulsating meat, that she would almost forget it was hers to swallow as well.

She was too busy and too happy cumming from the visuals, from the guttural sounds and from the standing man’s fists reining her boy’s hair and fucking his face like it was a cunt to own forever and ever, fucking amen!

Audrey did manage to get her guy to fuck another man’s ass once or twice, while she toyed with his tender hole, nearly ramming her entire fist into hm as he burst his seed into a young man’s dirty entryway. And yes, he ended up loving it.

But her guy was a little nervous about letting another man take and own his back breach hole. It felt like it might diminish him in her eyes. Which again, was the polar opposite of the truth.

Audrey was actually dying to have her man ass-fucked in her presence, but in a very specific scenario. At least the first time. Audrey had her own fantasy prize to reach for, and she had her guy so very close to making it come true, that she was not about to let up now.

On their next shared lover night, she backed off of the couple suck, and strapped on a big girlcock. And yes, he knew it was coming. She had whispered to him earlier that she was dying to spit-grill him while his throat was filled with a thrusting, and fully loaded man-dick.

And god, how he took to that, on this wild evening. Audrey herself must have cum three times, before the suck-ee burst into her boy’s gullet. As that happened, Audrey began to ram-fuck her man from the other end, and her beau, came all over the sheets from the two-ended pummeling.

He was ready, she thought. Next time, it will happen. And he’ll thank her for it. And want more. she just knew it.

The timing was perfection. It was Audrey’s birthday, and the only thing she really wanted that night, he agreed to give her. That was, free reign to call every shot, no holds barred, with their latest boytoy in tow.

“I promise, babe”, Audrey said, “It will feel like your birthday too.”

He had a sense of where this might lead, but so far, everything they did with another man only made him want more. So, for Audrey and for the sake of their very freeing, love-lust coupling, he agreed, with no reservations.

Came the night, and once again, they were deep-throating a gorgeous huge cock on a guy they had found via their club searches. And clearly, Audrey had prepped their third on what her desires and plans were that night. He was more than on board, since he longed for her man, more than for her.

As they sucked their young Adonis’ dick in tandem, Audrey lubed up and opened her man’s ass with one of her girl-dicks, and it somehow made his cock-devouring ever hungrier.

Suddenly, Audrey stopped him, and withdrew the invading toy.

She lay back on the bed and said, “Come fuck me, babe. I want you deep inside me. Now, please. No swallowing just yet.”

He followed Audrey’s lead and slid his raging full cock into her gorgeous, warm, enveloping cunt walls, and began a gentle sliding rhythm that she dictated from her hands’ tugs on his tight ass.

Finally, she stopped him. Kissed him and smiled.

“It’s time, baby. Time to give me my special present. Something I have wanted more than anything….”.

He hesitated, but only for a second or two.  “Okay… what?”

“Fuck me. Love me. Take me….

And while you do, he is going to take and fuck you too. I want to see his cock’s thrusts on your gasping and pleasured face. I want to feel his thrusts in your dick’s shoves, as you push in and try to breach and ruin my womb.

I want to see you move from your fear of pain, to your most intimate desire to be taken like this. be taken like his whore, while you take me as yours. And when he cums so hard and so deep inside of you, with battering-ram force, I want to feel that in every spurt and jerk and explosions of your gorgeous dick inside of me….

I want to feel his cum spurt right through your cock into my womb. Fuck me like he fucks you. Give me the twin pounding that i have dreamed of, and I am yours for fucking ever.“

He swallowed hard, blushed with the shame of knowing that he too wanted this, yet hardly knew it… then, he leaned in, kissed Audrey hard and deep, and said, “For you, baby, anything. Happy Birthday!”

He then felt her hands spread wide his ass, and watched her nod to the man behind and above him. And with their third’s first thrusts into Audrey’s beau’s primed anal ring, the three of them howled and slammed and double-piston-power-fucked into the hottest, loudest and messiest orgasms any of them had ever experienced. Even the bed wouldn’t want to forget the intensity of this one.

In the aftermath, they stayed embedded for a brief eternity, none of them wanting to move, while they re-memorize every sensation of this daring wild romp.

Audrey finally panted with a wry smile, “I think I’ll have to have a birthday everyday. That, baby…. was… fucking heaven!”

Her man kissed her slowly, and whispered, “For you, birthday girl, any time.”

Audrey lit up and kissed him back hard, while fondling their third’s mane and stroking his muscular form.

“Mmmmmm, I’ll hold you to that. I knew you’d love it too, sweetheart. And it’s still my birthday, so… there’s more when you two are ready, right? I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of this”, she added with a dirty giggle.

It wouldn’t be the only kinky door they opened that night, and those doors would not only remain open, they would get ripped right off their hinges… for good.

Now, when Audrey wants a replay, she’ll just whisper, or text her guy with the words, “It’s my birthday. Again! Bring that present on, babe. Stat!”

Everyday she wants, is Audrey’s birthday now.
Written by Teresa H. (jaclynvazquez507@yahoo.com)

My story happens on a Thursday night. I wasn’t planning to go out or hook up but I decided to get dressed and get dolled up. My friends kept insisting for me to go out and I said to myself sure why not; so as I was leaving to head downtown to meet my friends at the bar and finally approached my destination. I enter the bar and as I walked inside people are dancing, playing pool and others just at the bar or in the patio outside.

So I order my drink and while I’m waiting, this guy who says his name is Leroy starts a conversation and we talk. After a bit he orders me a shot of tequila which is my favorite. I down it, feeling the warmth of the drink slowly going down my stomach and I don’t know about liquor or wine but I get a tingly sensation down stairs! We are having great time when we are joined by one of Leroy’s friends. I’m introduced to Matt and can’t help but notice how sexy he is. He’s 5'9, slim and has a scruff beard.

I’m 5'2, slim and about 120 pounds with brown eyes, long eye lashes and dark brown hair. We are all in our mid 20’s and definitely into each other. I excuse myself to step into the girl’s room for a retouch and put myself together. When I return I notice Leroy is chatting with another girl. He’s being very flirty so I let him do his thing and I start talking to Matt. We click and laugh and joke around and after while I step away to see where my friends are. I spot them talking with a group of people and they tell me they are heading home. I said my goodbyes and told them I’ll see them tomorrow, winking as I walked away.

I make my way back to Matt on the lower level and spot him talking to some guy. I’m shocked as I watch them as they looked to be flirting. I stand there watching, so many hot thoughts running through my head. Needing confirmation, I approach them and smile. Matt introduces us and I laugh to find out he is named Matt as well.

We notice the bar is closing and we end walking up to the patio and we all start talking again. I grab my breasts to adjust them since I’m wearing a see-through top that’s nude with a mix of black lace. I’m feeling tipsy and didn’t realize what I was doing until they both look at me and with a look of desire in their eyes. Matt is the first to break the silence and he asks if we both want to go back to his place.  It’s only 10 minutes away and he says we can sober up and then he can drive us back.  We agree and after a short drive find ourselves sitting on his couch talking.  Both of them are in a playful and dare me to take off my bra off.  I say no at first but they encourage me to be naughty.  I decide I want to but also need to be upfront with them so I tell them I am a Tgirl.   At first they are shocked and can’t believe it. They both tell me how hot I am and say they want to see.  One of the guys moves in closet and starts to kiss me while the other helps me out of my bra and blouse.  We all made out and suddenly both of them we at my nipples licking and sucking them.  I moaned, feeling like I was in heaven.

I started to kiss them both and I after that, one turned me over while the other one lifted my legs and started to lick and play with my ass.  Then suddenly both of them are licking and playing with my ass.  All three of us were moaning and I am so turned on that I grab their cocks and start sucking them, giving them a sloppy blow job.  I tell them to put their legs in the air and I start licking and fingering them as I start to play with their asses.  I asked Matt to help me suck the other one and he agreed,  sucking and gagging on his rock hard cock to pulsing.  I was licking his balls and playing with his ass and they both stood up and I started to gag and deep throat until my chin touched their balls and after they both just exploded down my throat, gushing and flooding my throat with cum.  I listen to them moaning loudly as I swallow every last drop of it!

Afterwards we all get dressed and Matt takes us back to the parking lot where we all say a nice thank you and head our separate ways.  That was such a hot night to remember!


The Switch


Written By: http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

Mark and Anna had a very healthy, and increasingly more adventurous sex life, especially once Anna got her beau to sheepishly admit to some of his formerly secret fantasies.

If nothing else, those loving nudges of hers gave Anna an opened doorway to realizing some of her own fantasies - among them, turning the tables on her man and fucking his ass like he was her owned whore - just the way he often fucked her, front and rear. And how she craved that too! But the savage fuck-back was her latest rising and insatiable addiction.

She loved how, more and more, her heretofore semi-uptight man was now happy to let Anna take the reins on those nights, when she longed to have a giant dick to abuse his body with, sending them both into the wild stratosphere of cummy bliss.

Mark was beginning to actually hunger to have his ass reamed by his girl’s applied appendage. When she got going, she could almost fuck him with the ferocity of a man (or so he assessed, but would never dare say).

And yet, he could hear her sweet feline voice grunting obscenities, and feel her diamond hard nipples and soft breasts tickle his back. when she leaned in to dump filthy talk into his ears. Then she’d ramp up the beat and ram his back door’s canal so deep, that he actually saw stars at times.

Mark knew he had succumbed to this surprising, wild pleasure of being pegged and owned, on the night that he finally came from it, without even one touch to his swollen shaft.

That happenstance alone opened yet another door for Anna to slip more of her wicked desires into his panting consciousness.

At next table turn, Anna began to add this kind of dirty talk as she slammed her strap-on fever into his now more-than-receptive mancunt.

“I’m going to grow a real cock one day, one that can spasm, and shoot off a huge geyser of cum so deep into your asshole, it will take days to find its way out again.’

That made Mark moan aloud.

“Tell me you want me to fuck you with a real cock. C’mon, fess up, Mark…  or you may not be allowed to cum tonight.”

Anna actually heard Mark whimper, before he cried out, “Fuck me with your real cock, Anna baby, please… and leave a gallon of cum all the way up in my belly…!”

“That’s my good slut boy”, Anna roared, “That’s my little dick-whore Switch. C’mon, beg for my cum… beg for more dick!!”

And on they went, into the howling ether, both of them, the sometimes Dom, and tonight’s reigning Domme.


The idea of introducing a real cock into her lover’s anus was becoming a silently brewing, new obsession in Anna’s libido. She broke the waves gently at first onto his orgasm-lubricated shores.

“You know, they make big squirting dildos, that can simulate actual cum dumpage inside of you, baby. I think it’s time I got one. I want you to feel a dick painting your insides with creamed lust. I want to see how that makes you reel. And cum.”

“God, I love you, Anna. I swear, no one would have ever guessed I’d love your brand of kink, not even me. But you make me want to do the dirtiest things ever. So, yeah, fuck me with a cock that feels real, and dump a monster load in my ass. It’s yours, yanno.”

Anna laughed.”I know, baby, more and more. Allll mine.  Just promise you won’t stop fucking me back like that, okay?”

“I’ll fuck you right here in public to show you, if you like.”

“Mmmmm, I love that thought, Marky. But only if you let me ass-fuck you in public too. You’re dying for an audience, aren’t you? Maybe I can get some others to help out.”

“Oooooh”, was all he said.

Anna lost herself for a brief eternity imagining a public gangbang, first on Mark’s willing anal pucker, then on Anna’s shamelessly hungry cunt.  Fuck!!  Her panties were suddenly soaking themselves.

Eventually, with the idea of a real cock introduced, Anna began teasing Mark about taking one that wasn’t on her body.

Mark was skittish at first about that topic, but once Anna reminded him of how much he loved having his ass royally fucked, Mark admitted that he’d actually thought about it once or twice. Which, to Anna meant, way more often than he’d admit to her… yet.

Mark was getting used to Anna pushing his boundaries, and he always made an effort to stay open to her wild hungers, to keep stride with her.

“If I ever did, hon…. it would have to be just the right guy and the right energy”, Mark said with some seriousness. “No pushy guys. Maybe someone who is just discovering his need to try some man fucking.  And I just don’t know how to read that on a guy… ever.”

Anna nipples rose in an instant with the thought of Mark eventually giving into this scenario. She could feel it. He would, with the right guy and the right scene.

“I’ll find you someone, babe” she teased lightly.

“Honestly, Anna, I’ve actually seen a couple of pics online of guys who look good enough to fuck….” (That sent Anna’s clit spinning. “So he does think that way sometimes. I knew it!”, she thought to her vibrating self),

“But I’ve yet to see one in person that made me think, ‘I want that.. or I would try that’.”

That seemed to be his escape clause. However, Anna noticed that Mark didn’t use the words, “No” or “Never”. The door slipped open a tiny bit more.

“Maybe I’ll just surprise you one day, and bring in somebody nice, with a really pretty, big dick, when you’re not looking…”, she laughed out loud to make sure he knew it wasn’t a demand.

“If you do that, just don’t tell me it’s coming.”

“Oh babe, if I do that for you, you’ll feel it cumming, right up into your throat”, she teased.


“Mark, when you fuck my ass like that, you cum so hard and so deep that it feels like you are shooting your seed right up into my throat.”

“Fuck, that’s hot. You’ve never told me that before.”

“Why do you think I Iove anal with you, mister?”

That made his cock rise and his mind weaken.


Now they were out for coffee and people watching, and Anna would see a guy she thought Mark might like, and nudge Mark gently, “If you had your say of what he could do to you, or you to him, what about that guy?  Just checking to see your tastes, babe”, she’d add a laugh to ease any tension.

When she pressed him for comments on guys who she pointed out, she’d hear things  like, “He seems kinda… I don’t know. Not right.” Or, “Terrible body and too hairy”. “He looks angry. No go.”

Anna laughed and said, “I’m taking notes you know”.

Mark joked back, “I don’t know if an guy will match up to you, you hot little thing. I just can’t imagine anyone fucking me as good as you do, Anna Banana”.

“Mmmmmmm”, she purred. “Keep talking like that and I’ll walk down the street, buy another dick and fuck you right here over this cafe table.”

“Promises, promises”, came the taunt back from Mark. They both laughed and it seemed like the subject was done for the day.

Then suddenly, a young,  very fit male stranger quietly walked by with his coffee, and sat down not far from them.

Anna almost purred to herself when she eyed this one. Nice sleek body, sweet countenance, shy looking. On the younger side, but maybe that’s the perfect thing, she thought. And even better, that the stranger kept looking over at Anna and Mark’s table.

“Okay, babe, last one for our boy shopping day. He looks nice. Not hairy. Tall - probably a big dick too. Look at those hands. And kinda shy-ish.”

“For me or for you?”, Mark quipped with a smirk.

“Both of us, babe”, Anna answered with a wicked tone.

Mark laughed again. Then he freely admitted that this young guy was the closest thing to what he might give into, with another guy.

“We’ll find you someone when you’re ready, babe, no worries” Anna hummed, letting Mark off the hook. “But until then, I’m buying one of those squirting cocks. I get to seed your ass first, cuz its mine, all mine!”

She kissed him deeply, then softly whispered how much she adored that he kept his mind open to her dirty ideas. “I love you for that, babe.”

“I love your incredibly dirty mind, Anna-bee.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Anna caught the young man watching them kiss, so she reached under the table and noticeably rubbed Mark’s rising meat.

“And you love my dick too, doncha, Marky Mark? You know I’m gonna have to fuck your ass again until you can’t walk…all this talk has made me horny to top you again”, she taunted.

“Promises, promises”, he said as they laughed again.


It was the following night when Anna got her way again, and this time, she was prepared for something new and daring. Maybe even a bit dangerous.

As Anna slowly poured the lube upon her lover’s arched and spread bottom cheeks, softly and sensually rubbing it into his already pleading pucker, there was a new energy in the room. Anna had a huge secret. Or two.

As she massaged Mark’s happy prostate, Anna leaned in and announced the first of the surprises.

“You’re going to get as ass-full of my cum tonight. After I work you over with this dick, and have you spread open wide, I’m switching cocks. To one that is bigger, and very real feeling… and shoots creamy cum juices up your hot little asscunt.”

“Oooooh”, Mark replied. “Fuck me and fill me up, baby. You gonna make me your cumwhore tonight?”, he asked, as he arched his hips like a cat in heat.

“In ways you can’t imagine, babe” Anna taunted back

Mark was getting into that role, both for himself, and because it revved Anna up so much, and made her fuck him mercilessly.

“Trust me, babe”, Anna continued,  “After tonight, you will want this kind of thing all the fucking time.”

“Do it” he commanded, from his more dominant side. “Do me, however you want!”

“Oh I plan to… but let’s start with what you know. I need to open your cunt up for the big switch!”

Anna didn’t hold back. She jammed her usual strap-on dildo right into his open ass. One thrust and she was halfway in. And she began, with her rocking pushes, to take his mind and his will away with every thrust and lewd whisper.

“Beg me for a real dick that cums deep inside of you, Marky. I know you’re dying for it!”

She spanked his ass hard, as she slammed him harder.

“Fuuuck, yes! Get your real dick and fill me with jizz. Make me your cumwhore, Anna, pleeeeasey!”

“In good time, my little slut boy. You get the fucking of your life tonight. but you have to promise to fuck me back double when it’s done.”

“Triple…whatever. Anything!! Just fuck me…!”

Anna’s entire body tingled. Mark was primed and ready, and yet part of her was terrified this might be happening all too soon.

However, it was the Universe that had conspired to make her wet dream cum true, when she ran into the young man again later on that first day, and she dared to ask why he’d been looking at them, and actually flirting with them at the coffee shop.

“Just tell me truthfully. Which one of us were you flirting with, me or my guy? I promise, there’s no wrong answer. I’d just love to know.”

The young man blushed hard, but he finally admitted quietly to Anna, that he was kind of flirting with both of them. He’d always loved the idea of being with a couple, because he might be forced to give into his own bi urges then, which he clearly wanted to try.

“God, you are so much like Mark. He needs a little push too, but he secretly wants to try some real cock badly. I just know. Am I right?”

Young Matt shook his blushing head yes.

They talked a bit more, and Anna finally said, “If you’re up for it, come over tomorrow at about 9. Text me when you’re outside. I’ll come down to “take out the trash”, and bring you into a safe waiting place. BUT, you have to play by my rules and do exactly as I say. And do everything I say. You’ll be a total surprise for Mark, got it?”

“Got it”, Matt hoarsely whispered.

Anna divulged the overall plan to young Matthew, and he agreed to it, faster than she’d imagined. He was indeed like Mark, obedient enough to get what he secretly wants, and hoping to be pushed, by a willful woman, past his own fear and self-judgment, so as not to have to feel guilty for trying it.


The stage was now set. Mark was lubed, arching and begging for Anna’s “real” dick, while Anna’s stashed young man was in a nearby room, naked and stroking himself to a glorious hardness, per Anna’s instructions.

“Okay, my little cumwhore man. I’m getting the new loaded dick to rape your ass with. And so that you put all of your attention on these new, wicked sensations, you get a nice dark blindfold first.”

With that, Anna draped and tied a black scarf about his eyes, smacked his ass hard, and whispered, “Get ready for the fucking of a lifetime, babe…”.

As Anna walked away from her beau, she could see his aching cock dripping like a leaky faucet. He was dying for this. If only he knew what and who was coming… and how hard it would make him cum, even without knowing.

Before she brought the stranger into the room, she reminded Matt that he was not to make any noise whatsoever.

“I know that may be hard, so I’m gagging you. And I want your hands tued behind your back.”

She bound and gagged her prize young stud, then looked down at his long, thick, perfect cock.  “Fucking gorgeous!”, she muttered to herself.

Then to him, she purred, “Let’s get you lubed.”

Anna reached for the lube, but decided that she’d earned a taste of this beautiful hard flesh before she greased it, She knelt and suckled Matt’s twitching cock, then lapped and savored the first beads of precum off that pretty swollen head.

“You do this right for us, and there will be lots more of this. From both of us.”

She lavishly greased Matt’s dickpole, then, as Mark called in and asked “You coming back?”, she whispered to Matt “No sound. I direct everything, got it?”

Matt nodded, then smiled when Anna called back to Mark, “I”m coming, babe. Then you’re cumming, big time.”

The sheer visual of Matt’s ragingly hungry big cock poised near Mark’s gapped anal entryway, had Anna’s cunt gushing from beneath her squirting dildo (yes, she actually put one on for show).

She moved around to Mark’s front, took him by the hair and whispered, “Suck my cum-loaded dick, then beg me for it.”

Mark got into his new slut role. He took Anna’s new bigger strap-on deep in his mouth, like a good cocksucker, then he pleaded, with a raspy edge, “Fuck me, please, baby. I really want to feel cum shooting inside of me… please!”

As Anna moved back and positioned herself behind the doppleganger dick boy, she added a Domme edge to her voice as she said, “You’ll get that and so much more, my little whore.”

Anna reached around and guided Matt’s hot rigid cock to nuzzle into Mark’s yawning opening. Anna thought to shove her strap-on up the young man’s ass to act as the guide, but she knew that would cause too much noise from their secret third. So she folded her dick into Matt’s ass crack, pressed her hips to his, and grabbed Mark’s hips for leverage.

Anna pushed her hips forward, which pushed Matt’s hips straight into Mark’s. And Matt’s well-lubed sex easily pushed its way past the barriers of Mark’s anal pride, a third of the way up Matt’s shaft. The real cock was in. Now Anna could rock it in deeper, and yank it out as she wished.

“How does that feel, baby?”

“Fuck, that feels so real…”

“How would you know? Are you keeping secrets from me, cockwhore?”

“No! No! It’s… what I imagine.”

“Oh, so you have imagined being fucked by a real dick!”

“Fuck! Okay, yes, I have.”

“I knew it!” Anna cried out as she shoved Matt’s cock deeper into her lover’s gape-hole.

Anna slid around Matt and leaned in to add, “I fucking love that. You shouldn’t keep those things from me, Marky. I should call that young guy we liked from the cafe, and have him come over here and take your ass like I do.”

“Oh god…”, Mark whined. He didn’t want to say yay or nay at this point, but the thought stirred his dick to dripping even more.

Finally, after more taunting, as Anna drove Matt’s cock fully into Mark’s surrendering anal canal, Mark cried out, “Bring whoever you want. Just keep fucking me like this, and cum deep in my asshole!”

The game was on in full. Anna just got her permission. Mark would get what he had just begged her for.

Anna dug her nails into Mark’s hips, as she positioned herself behind Matt’s pelvis again, and she began driving the fuck train, as the locomotive that pushed the visiting cock deeper and deeper into her lover’s wanton rear door.

Her own knees wanted to buckle at times, as she’d peer around to see Matt’s stunning cock completely disappear into Mark’s happy, welcoming happily stretched hole.

Anna was even more stirred up when she caught the pool of precum under Mark’s body. It was oceanic in size, something she’d never seen from him before.

Matt was struggling to keep his grunts under the gag, and Anna kept taunting Mark to beg her for real cock and real cum, so he gave her all the pleading she and Matt would ever need..

Anna could feel Matt nearing his final edge, so she called out,
“Get ready, babe. I am about to dump a monster load in your dirty asscunt!”

“Do it! Fuck me! Fill me with cum. Pleeease!”

Those words sent Matt right over his edge. The young man’s hips took their own course, driving themselves and their raging appendage deeper and deeper into Mark’s begging, arched and stretched fuckhole. And both men were suddenly shaking and cumming at the same time. Thankfully, Mark’s loud roaring groans drowned out Matt’s muffled grunts.

Anna watched Mark’s cock dump his own huge load all over the bed, as Matt jerked and spasmed, and shot wad after wad into her unknowing beau’s secret slut passage. Anna herself managed to finger herself to a shivering orgasm as the boys both exploded, one inside the other.

Anna held Matt up, lest he collapse and reveal the secret ploy before it was time. Then she pulled him out, and heard Mark’s whimper of protest.

“Oh, Mark, baby. You fucking loved that, didn’t you?”, Anna whispered as she draped her body over his back.

“Holy shit, that was hot. I came all over the bed…”

“I know babe. I watched it happen.”

“That felt so…. real!”

“Like you imagined?”

“Even better.”

No words could have made her happier.

“C’mere, babe. Leave the blindfold on for a moment and help me clean up this dirty, cummy cock.”

She pulled Mark down to his knees on the floor, then instead of standing in front of him, she knelt next to him. Mark was confused for a moment, but too weak-willed to completely comprehend.

“I’ll help” Anna whispered, “It’s only fair.”

She guided Mark’s  mouth to Matt’s cum-and-ass slicked cock, and said “You first, then me.”

Mark obeyed, still in his switch role.

“Shit, even  the cum tastes real.”

“That’s cuz it is baby. I….ummm… took a chance. But I think it was the right one.”

She removed Mark’s blindfold, and standing over the couple was young Matt, his glistening semi-erect cock dangling right in Mark and Anna’s faces.

“Meet Matt. He’s new to this too. And from the look of things, he loved it as much as you did.”

Anna took one long suckle of Matt’s cock, then kissed Mark so deeply, it took his breath away.

“So, babe, are you gonna kiss me again, or kill me?”

Mark was still processing what had passed between this lewd trio.

Anna swiftly added, “You did say that, if i brought in a real cock, not to let you see it coming.”

“I did,” Mark replied. “I guess I did.”

“You loved it, didn’t you?”

“I, ummmm… kinda did.”

Anna pulled Matt down to his knees to join them. “Sorry, hon. Lover’s negotiations. Hang in there.”

Matt smiled gently.

“So, the only question for the moment is, who gets to fuck Matt’s hot little ass into oblivion? I still have a loaded strap-on dick here.”

Mark’s more dominant side was instinctively rising, and his cock was considering following suit.

“Well, you and Matt owe me, for keeping secrets. So you should both suck me to hardness. Then I’ll fuck anything and everything I want.”

“I don’t know, babe”, Anna teased lovingly.”You owe me for the biggest hands-free orgasm you’ve had to date. So, maybe you and Matt should suck me and I’ll chose the next target.”

Mark was about to protest, when he realized that Anna was kidding him again. She leaned in and whispered to Mark, “I”d give anything to see you take his ass the way you take mine, love.”

Mark bit his lower lip, his telltale sign that he wanted just that.

“And if you’re good, babe”, Anna said,  “Maybe I’ll fuck your ass and dump my load in there while you do…”

“Promises, promises”, Mark smiled. “Now you and big dick boy get sucking…”

They were all in now. All three. In deep and getting deeper…

Home Early


Written by http://tallmarriedprof.tumb

God your sister can be such a bitch.  You should’ve known, thinking it was going to be a fun relaxing weekend where you could tell her about your amazing new boyfriend, but maybe she was jealous, or maybe she was just having a rough time, but everything turned into a fight.

So instead of fighting, you wisely decided to cut your loses & end the girls’ weekend early.  Plus you realized that even 48 hours away from Tim was longer than you could handle.

Driving home early you just couldn’t stop thinking about him anyway — it’d only been 7 months but what a great seven months. Finally a nice guy who treated you so well, but a man’s man who wasn’t a pushover, who’d defend you, and who in bed was ALL man and took what he wanted — and it helped that everything he wanted was everything you secretly craved.  Where had that combination been all your life?

You’d swapped apartment keys a a few weeks ago, so you drove by this place just in case he was there.  You’re not sure which you need more — to complain and tell him about your shitty weekend (he is such a good listener) or just to be taken by him (he is an even better fuck) and made to forget about your sister.

Perfect, you think, there is his car.  You park and head in, you think you might surprise him and let yourself in quietly.

The place seems quiet, but then you hear something from the bedroom.  Your heart quickens as you think of he possibilities if you’ve caught him watching porn!  You unzip your jacket, and start to unbutton your blouse, you feel your thighs moisten when you hear him moan.   You know it’s porn as you hear another male voice, too.  Must be the actor he’s watching.

You peak around the corner — then see Tim kneeling!  You see a friend you’ve seen once standing over him, smacking his cock on Tim’s face.  You see Tim trying to catch his friend’s cock in his mouth, and when he does he grabs’ his friends ass, Pulls it forward, and you almost exclaim audibly as you see Tim’s friend’s cock disappear faster down Tim’s throat than Tim’s has ever disappear into yours.

You stand transfixed, watching Tim hold his friend by the ass and bobbing his head.  And choke.  And gag.  And you see Tim’s cock swell more as his friend says the dirtiest things.  When his friend palms Tim’s head and pulls back you hear him pant and catch his breath, then hear a voice you know so well say something you’ve never heard it say:  “Fuck, Mike, don’t stop. I love your cock.”

You’ve fantasized about bi guys before, alot.  There is something ridiculously hot to you about otherwise straight guys who just love cock as much as you do.  But Tim was the least likely guy you’ve ever dated to be bi.  You’ve dated a lot of pussies.  But Tim is the most manly guy you’d ever dated, certainly the most dominant man you’ve ever dated.   But when you peak back around he has both hands wrapped around Mike’s cock, stroking, as he suck’s Mike’s balls.  And you peak further down and see Tim’s big cock standing rock hard as he does.

"Attaboy, Tim.  Suck ‘em and get ‘em full of cum.  I know you’re a dirty little cocksucker that likes a big fucking load.  I’ll even let you pick today.  Face or mouth, faggot?"

You see Tim straighten up, his mouth moving from Mike’s balls to engulf his cock.  Then you realize your hands are down your pants, rubbing quickly.

Tim — your dom boyfriend — just got called a faggot then *eagerly* swallowed his friend’s cock.  Your senses are overwhelmed.  IS he?  you think?  No.  He must be bi. What he does to you is too sincere!

You see Tim pull his mouth from Mike’s cock, smack Mike’s big cock on his face, and you hear your boyfriend say “Wherever the fuck you want, you hung bastard.  You know what I want — just use my mouth like a cunt and cum wherever the hell you want.”

Then you see Tim kneeling and stroking his cock, then you see him stand an inch shorter than Mike, and jerk off — exploding onto Mike’s cock and balls.  Then Tim immediately kneels again and sucks his own cum off Mike’s balls and shaft.    You gasp, but Mike’s own — louder, deeper — gasp covers yours.

"You little cum-eating bitch," Mike says and starts fucking Tim’s mouth, and you see Tim fondling his now empty balls. Seeing just the side of Tim’s face, it seems like he’s in ecstasy.  "Fuck yes, attaboy. You know your fucking job, cocksucker.  Katey is a cute little slut, Tim, but THIS is what you need isn’t it? Sometimes you just need to choke like a dirty little cocksucker?"

Mike pulls out and you see his balls tighten against his body. “What are you Tim?”  he asks and strokes his cock right over Tim’s face.

"I’m a cocksucker."

"Your whose cocksucker, boy?"

"I’m your cocksuck——"  but as you watch your boyfriend say it you see a jet of cum cover his face, then a second rope, then watch Mike’s hand on the back of his head yank Tim’s head back down onto his cock.  Mike bucking into Tim’s mouth, milking his cock.  You see Tim’s eyes close, and you can tell he’s tasting Mike’s cum, and swallowing quickly.  You can see Tim savoring Mike.  Then you cum on your fingers.

Mike pulls out and smears Tim’s face.  Mike reaches a hand down and help’s Tim stand and Tim puts his arm around Mike, “Nice to have the house alone for a weekend.  I’ve missed this” and smiles. 

They walk into the bathroom and you hear water turn on.  You rub your clit faster, to another small orgasm, then let yourself out.

You can call Tim tomorrow, ask Tim how his weekend was, and maybe you’ll confide about bi fantasies you’ve had — just let him know how hot you think such things can be.  Just wait and see how he reacts ….


Beach Boy 3


Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

The Renactment

Read Part 1 Here
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I was so ravenously primed for the oncoming evening and so ready for the dirty dance with Mollie and Nick that I had to check the mirror twice to make sure I didn’t forget to put pants on before leaving the house. I made sure I brought flowers for Mollie, and wine and condoms and lube for the wild night, though the last two items I imagined Mollie to have stored aplenty in her naughty toy box. 

I arrived right on time as requested, and it seemed to be the ideal moment. Mollie had engineered her and Nick’s evening at home for the first telltale surprise of what this night might hold. She’d told Nick that they were not meeting me tonight at my place. She was not having that… which was true. She did not tell him that I was coming to them.

When Mollie opened the door, she swiftly shushed me and tugged me inside. There was a long moment of eye contact before she purred at the flowers and wine. “Very nice, dirty and a gentleman.”

"We aim to please", I said with the innuendo intended.

Mollie kissed me quickly and said, “You open the wine. I’ll do the flowers. Then I’ll get Nick out of the shower. He doesn’t know you were invited.” Once again, my wicked grin gave me away. I was indeed already loving this game.

It was time. Mollie disappeared and I heard her holler into the open bathroom door, “Nick, baby, get out of the shower. We have some unexpected company.”

I heard Nick’s voice acknowledge her, then the water stopped.

The Game Is On

Nick wandered out casually, drying his long pale locks, in jeans and a white tee, which was spotted with wetness from the haphazard toweling off. When he looked up, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Mollie wore the Cheshire grin to beat all, and simply said, “Look who I found - the man you sucked and fucked last night on the beach…. without me. I thought I’d invite him over to help you learn a few lessons in propriety, you know, when you’re part of a couple. Maybe you’ll both learn something.”

Nick froze, knowing he had no grounds to argue. He owed Mollie big time, and he would have to take his punishment or pay his sexual dues like a man. However, I think part of him knew this might be one of those punishments he would masturbate to for years to come.

"So, Nicky" Mollie hummed, "Shall I have him demonstrate what you two did on you?  Or on me first?" 

Without a warning, Mollie unzipped me and reached in and grabbed my cock, which of course was already rising from the very act of knocking on their door - not to mention the presence of the objets du désir before me, and the knowledge that some orgasmic adventures were about to erupt.

"See?" she continued as I hardened further in her hand, "He’s dying to fuck one of us. Or maybe both, I’d bet. I wonder who should get this pretty cock first. Or shall I say, second, since you had it last night". She wandered close to Nick and whispered in his ear, "I hear you took him sooo fucking deep in that ass of yours. Mmmmfff. I think I may need to buy a much bigger girlcock to fuck you with. Gotta keep that asshole happy, don’t we?"  Nick swallowed hard.

Mollie was trying not to give it away, but she fucking loved the idea of what had happened between her man and me. She just hated that she couldn’t be there to watch and masturbate, or even film the whole fucking thing for her own ongoing pleaure. But she was using this little transgression to control tonight’s threesome and make the double-cocked connection hers to own. I, frankly, had no problem with that.

She returned to my cock and softly fingered the head of it until it gave her a teardrop or two of pre-cum. She smeared it across her lips, then said to me, “Show me how you kissed Nick the first time.”

I pressed her to the wall as I uttered the phrase “against the lifeguard chair leg, like this…”.  I licked my pre-cum from her mouth, then pushed my tongue hard into her throat. Nick was still motionless, and when I glanced over, I could see his eyes wide as saucers and his jeans’ crotch bulging.

When the kiss broke, Mollie said, “Very nicely done. I’d definitely consider sucking your cock after that. Nick clearly did, didn’t you, honey?”

She knelt quickly, shot Nick a look which he knew all too well - one that said, don’t even think of moving or saying anything - then she wrapped her lips around my now almost fully rigid meat, and toyed with me, both shallow and deep, while rolling my balls in her palm like they were lewd dice. I reached for her hair as I did for Nick’s and began to rock a little into her open mouth, until she grabbed my wrists and pulled back.

"Not so fast, singer boy. It’s a delicious cock, but you’re not getting off that easily."

The double entendre in that statement made me laugh quietly, until she intently shoved my hard-on roughly back into my jeans and zipped me up, which caused a little moan and a catch breath.

Mollie stood, stepped back and glanced at Nick. “Since you didn’t invite me to join or watch or fuck myself while watching you get off together… you two need to show me how it looked. How about a little reenactment of those first kisses and, well… I’ll tell you when to stop.”

She motioned Nick to take her place against the wall where I’d kissed her, and Mollie then sat and licked her lips. All that was missing for her was the popcorn.

Nick was nervous. He’d never done any of this kind so blatantly in front of her, and in this mood, she was not about to miss a trick. I decided to get things started, so I pressed Nick to the wall, did the same lip lick that I had just done to Mollie, then I shoved my tongue down into his throat like I’d done at the beach that night.

As I reached down to rub his thickening erection through his jeans, Nick let go of his tentativeness and kissed back hard. His hand went to my crotch and suddenly, we were magically back in our tangle at the chair, but this time with one hungry feline voyeur, and in the light.

I did a quick sideways glance as I unzipped Nick’s pants, and I could see Mollie’s half-glazed expression giving away her sheer cunt-lust at the situation at hand. And speaking of hands, one of hers was back under her skirt, like at the bar. But this time she had no panties on and no will to hide anything.

The moment both of us boys had each others’ dicks in the other’s fist, and began stroking one another slowly, Mollie caught one of my looks and sucked the dew from her fingers just for my benefit. She told me later that she couldn’t tell if my first audible moan just then was from what Nick was doing, or from her wicked tease. It was both, I happily admitted.

As Nick and I got lost in our moment, Mollie was suddenly standing right by us, her wet hand on my cock, her dry one on his, stopping any further movement. She needed a moment to catch her breath. Clearly this was heating her up as much as it was us.

She let go of both cocks and softly said, “And then…?”

I knew what she wanted. I yanked Nick’s tee off of his body and tossed off my own shirt. I bit Nick’s nipples and sucked them as I pumped his cock, then I pushed him down to his knees, and we fell right into the cock-sucking scenario we’d shared the night before, This time, Mollie was kneeling right next to her beau, whispering taunts in his ear.

"Mmmm, fuck! That’s my little cockwhore boy. You better not suck anymore of these hot dicks without me there… or without my permission. Or I just might go visit every glory-fucking-hole in town to catch up to you."

All the while, Mollie was triple-fingering her needy cunt, tugging out of her sloshing depths only to circle and taunt and slap her clit, then back in deep and hard to stir her fever ever further. At one point, I could have sworn that she was about to get her whole hand inside of her weeping nest.

She was so ramped up that she pulled Nick off of my cock in a rabid moment, and took a few long hungry sucks of her own. Then she told Nick that he needed more finesse with his love of dick. She looked up at me before one last foray on my cock, and said to me, in no uncertain terms, “No cumming, you!”

She pushed her face onto my cock deeper than I’ve ever had anyone do, then unsheathed me and through her panting said to Nick, “That’s how you do it! C’mon, baby, show me how you can swallow him whole!”

Nick tried, but halfway through, Mollie gave me the signal to take the next step, and go to the next moment of the dirty story I had filled her in on.

I grabbed Nick’s hair and began fucking his face vigorously, and that sent Mollie into her first growling orgasm. I had to ease up once she came, lest I explode too soon along with her. Having her coaching him and taunting him while he sucked my cock, having her join him in the cock-swallowing, and then her cumming from watching me use his face as a hot cunt… holy fuck, that had me shaking!

We all took a moment to breathe again, then she said “Next!”. I dropped down and pulled Nick on top of me, then pushed and swiveled him around to the other direction. The man-to-man 69 demo began. Mollie nuzzled her face in between both of us to watch the cocks vanish into both hungry sets of cheeks, and to remind us that nobody cums without her permission, which wouldn’t be anytime soon. She, however, took herself to and over the edge of yet another moaning O.

She made us stop once she settled again, and I knew what was next. Without a word, I yanked Nick’s jeans down, and was only disappointed that he had gone commando - I thought she would have loved to see the shredding of his underwear with a wine opener. But I started immediately playing with his ass, licking and spit lubing it, and nuzzling the first fingers into it.

Mollie was in my ear, “You’re dying to fuck my boyfriend again aren’t you?”

"I am!" I answered, almost salivating for a taste. "That’s an ass begging to be fucked!"

She offered in a  dirty growl that if she had a cock she would never stop fucking his hot little rump. Then she said, “Wait. No. He’s been bad. He doesn’t get to be fucked yet. What he should get is a good hard paddling. Fuck, I should have bought one! Dammit!”

She tried her own hand at a few hot smacks to his ass, then she looked at me and asked how I was at ass paddling. I told her truly that, though I’d never spanked a guy, I always enjoyed giving spankings. She grinned, “Hmmmm, he might too. Hold on a moment.”

She went into her bag of tricks, grabbed a cock ring and choked Nick’s flow off at the base.
"No orgasms honey. Not ‘til I sat so."

Once his dick was garroted, she nodded to me. I pulled Nick up, I sat down, and threw him over my knees - his ass in my lap, his cock hanging and dripping, and my cock was hard and resting on the side of his closest hip, letting a small slippery river paint his skin.

I knew what Mollie wanted, and I went for it. I began with slow and steady hard smacks to Nick’s stellar tight butt - maybe a half dozen or more - then I spit on my finger and spread his cheeks to toy with his luscious little asshole, happily prying it open for use. He was gurgling and moaning.

Then, I locked eyes with Mollie for a moment, and started giving Nick a fast, fierce paddling, not letting up as I lost myself in the feeling and the feral sounds Nick was making, not to mention the dripping pre-cum spattering my legs, as his cock wiggled against my calves.

The next time I looked over at Mollie, she was fucking herself with a large black cock-shaped dildo, and fluttering on the edge of another sopping peak. Nick was moaning and wriggling. His ass was red hot, and he had completely surrendered to the wiles of his girl and her new partner in carnal crime.

Mollie signaled for me to stop. She moved in and whispered to Nick. “Such a good boy taking all of that. See what bad boys get? I really hope you didn’t like that too much.”

Once more she reached into her bag of tricks, poured some lube on Nick’s already worked anal wink, and slid a big glass plug into place. Nick’s groan made me almost echo it. He was so ready to be fucked and the plug said, “Not for you, not yet!”

Mollie smirked at me, “Nick’s ass is off limits for now. Until you take care of mine, mister.”

She leaned in and whispered some instructions to me, among them for me to take Nick into the bedroom. She had some restraints all ready on the beposts for him. Once Nick was bound, Mollie pulled me out of earshot of Nick.

"You’re gonna fuck me right over his face… among other things, Think you can handle that?"

"Handle, hell, I’d pay for that."

She grabbed my cock, and said, “Good. And sometime later, you need to give my ass a hot spanking like that. Fucking hell I love that kind of thing! And please teach Nicky some of that too. He sucks at it.”

"Deal", I said.

"Okay, singer boy, let’s go taunt Nicky senseless. By the way, I’m dying to see you suck some cock too. Maybe we’ll start there…"

"I thought you’d never ask…."


Beach Boy 2 


Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

Good Golly, Miss Mollie

Part 1HERE

I awoke the next morning with the visuals of last night’s man-on-man open-air fuck still re-running in my head; the one with the young blond male groupie, Nick, who surprisingly followed me to the beach. I hadn’t been with men that much, but I have to say that, this little dirty tryst under the naked moonlight made me definitely want more. At least with him.

Nick was gentle yet masculine, submissive enough yet strong-willed, and his body… well, it was just fucking right. Sleek from youth and yoga, tight ass, flexible stretch and a perfectly-sized cock that was good enough to eat.

Even better for me was, his continual mention of his girlfriend Mollie, who he held in great esteem, a freckled tall girl of some wicked wit, substance and naughty beauty, he said. I was dying to meet her and hoping to get in the middle of everything with them both. The very idea of having her right alongside of him, all three of us tangled and messy-fucking, made my cock rise up instantly. I hoped only that Mollie was on board for that kind of three-way playtime.

She clearly knew of Nick’s wandering bisexuality and didn’t discourage it. But this kind of unannounced breach might be something less than welcome for her. My afternoon shift at the bar would tell the tale. I told Nick to bring her by,  or send her over, so she could check me out and grill me for her own comfort. If she showed at all, that would mean she was either interested, or needed to shut me down.

If she stayed and spent some time discovering who it was that dumped a hungry  load in her beau’s hot bottom, that meant she was vetting me for more, hopefully with herself included. And somehow, if we got that far, I figured I could open that door for us all. It was a feral untasted fantasy for me, one of me getting in deep with an open-minded couple and doing everything and then some with them both. Mollie held the key, as often women do. She would be the yea or nay in this wet daydream.

I seesawed through the morning hours, back and forth between praying for Mollie’s depraved desires to synch up with the already mated males, then sinking back into the visceral memory of Nick’s shaggy blonde mane waving in the breeze under the chair, as his head bobbed up and down on my swelling cock while it moved to breach deeper into his throat.

The scent of the forbidden deed in the open air, and the possibility of being caught in the act of man-fucking there, along with the sounds of Nick’s wanton grunts as I rode his perfect spread ass, underscored by the rhythmic thunder of the crashing waves, played over and over in my head. I brought myself right to the edge once again from the sheer muscle memory of it all and the ever-growing hunger for more. The taste of my cum on his tongue after I fed it to him is what made me explode all over my pelvis and chest this wicked morning.

I was trying not to imagine too much about Mollie before meeting her. But somehow, with a sense of Nick an what he’d shared, I was already heatedly wanting into their carnal mix. Time and Mollie would tell. For now, it was time to shower and put myself together for the afternoon’s shift, a shift which tended to be a quieter one. It would be the perfect setting for this little tete-a-tete.

The Arrival

There was only one table of folks left by 2PM, a few older ladies giggling and gabbing away in the far corner of the room, when Mollie arrived. I reminded myself not to assume that it was her. In fact, it could have been someone I’d been with the last season who I’d forgotten in a drunken stupor. But from her arched eyebrow and her eye’s lock on me, I was pretty sure it was her.

I peered over at the ladies to make sure they were taken care of, so I could concentrate on this lush vision who’d just sauntered in with a purpose. All was well in the gossip corner, so I smiled at the female approaching and welcomed her as I would anyone, again, trying not to assume, or mostly not to give too much away.

She walked right to the bar’s far corner where I stood and I could feel her trying to peer inside of me.

"Can I get you something?", I asked warmly.

There was an endless pause as we cased each others’ forms. She was tall, lightly freckled, curvy but somewhat athletic looking, and surprisingly dark haired, like a ‘Black Irish’ girl. I had somehow in my head concocted an Gaelic redhead from her name, but I wasn’t far off. Her pale skin had that same translucence, and I loved her darker hair framing those sky blue eyes. My gaze dropped to her long lush legs before re-meeting her at eye level.  She and Nick made quite the delectable couple was my last thought before the silence was broken.

"You’re the singer?", was her leading question.

"I am, when I do. Right now, I’m the bartender."

There was another long silence as our eyes quietly recognized the dirty minds lurking behind them.

"So, you’re the one who… met my boyfriend last night? On the beach?"

I couldn’t stop the body-memory smile that leaked out when I said gently “Guilty.”

I could see she was teetering on the edge of decision, but I had a feeling that her disapproving frown was more for show, or to avoid tipping her hand too soon.

I offered her a stool and a drink of her choice so we could talk. She wasn’t going to drink, then said, “Fuck it. Do you have a decent cabernet?”

"A great one. On the house, of course."

I let her sip and simmer and breathe. I could tell she wasn’t sure where to start.

"Does Nick do this kind of thing often?", I asked gently.

"No" she said in a sweeter tone. "Once or twice. And I only ask him to be careful, and let me be a part of it if possible."

"First", I assured her, "I’ve had all my shots." I grinned, she chuckled. "I promise you, I’m healthy as they cum. And honestly, it was just one of those things that happened in the moment. Thinking wasn’t really an option. He completely took me by surprise."

"Hmmmmm" was her purred response. She looked like she was trying not to let on how much she wished she had been there to at least witness it in the flesh.

"So", she perked up, "You. Do you seduce and fuck lots of men?"

I couldn’t help but laugh a little too loudly for the room.

"Not really. I’ve only been with a couple of guys, and not always all the way. I’m mostly into women, but I’m not afraid of some good cock, you know?" Something in her eyebrows told me she liked that. 

I continued, “I can say now, that I’ve been with a few, after Nick. And I didn’t seduce him. He followed me. All I did was say yes to what was in front of me. Did he tell you much?”

"Some. He liked your singing. And obviously, your fucking." Then her eyes sparkled with a sudden fever.

Her voice lowered conspiratorially.”Tell me. Everything. Details. All the dirty fucking details.”

I could see that she was already hooked, and I could feel that this fantasy of mine was more likely to happen now. I saw to the table’s bill before I came back to her, and then I began to slowly recount the filthy goings-on with her hot beau under the moonlight.

I told her how we first crossed paths after the club closed. How I’d not seen him there, but he’d obviously heard me sing. Then, I told her of how we crossed paths near the beach, before he decided to tail me straight to the lifeguard’s chair, where I was quietly drinking in the night.

"That’s where you two…?"

"Un huh. By, and under the chair, right down from Fourth Street. And we  finished our sticky goodbyes on top of it."

The hissed “Fuuuck” she let out was a deliciously dirty one, rife with envy and arousal.

I took my time painting the rest of the picture, watching her every reaction to the story of those first hot kisses with her boy Nick, followed by the mutual cock rubbing, both through jeans and then unzipped, with hard flesh in hands.

I spent some time describing every moment of me having him kneel while I fucked his throat, and fisted his blond mane; how just yanking his jeans from his ass made me decide in the heat of the moment that I really needed to fuck him. She had one hand on her glass and one unseen. I wondered, but didn’t ask.

I told her how we slipped underneath the chair for safety, and ended up in a 69 with him on top before I took his hot butt for a wild, penetrating ride.

She half-panted one word “Stop.” Then, “Tell me again. The 69.” After which she closed her eyes, took a long sip with a shivering hand on the wine glass, and drank in the visuals I was feeding her.

She made some quiet sex noises that had me wondering again. This time, I knew. Her other hand was under her denim skirt and no doubt her panties were soaked.

Finally, I recounted the flip-over I did with her beau, how I cut his underwear off of him with my wine opener, and how I placed his face in the sand, raised his hips, and spit-lubed his willing anal ring for an all out balls-deep ass fucking, knowing that our time was short with the patrols in public. I made sure she knew how his long, tight ass’ canal felt wrapped about my cock, how deeply I drove into him as he opened to me, how he grunted and begged to be fucked harder, and how I jerked him off into the sand so that his orgasm would trip mine and we’d both cum hard and heavy.

I tried to describe how it felt to dump my whipped-up load that deep inside of Nick’s body, and I heard her actually whimper. When I told her of how he cleaned up my cock and lapped my cum from his asshole off of my fingers, and then kissed me with his filthy mouth, she shuddered visibly. She was on the edge right there at the bar.

I slid out from the side of the bar, and knowing that her body was sheltered from others’ peering eyes, I looked down, gently pulled her digging hand from between her thighs, and sucked her own cum from her fingers, letting her know it was the way Nick sucked my cock. “Just like that”, I punctuated.

"Holy fuck" she hissed again.

"Can I help?"


"They’re lost in their own world over there. Don’t worry." She peered over, as I swiftly knelt, pulled her hips to the edge of the chair and removed her panties.

"Besides, I owe you. I made your boyfriend cum last night. It’s only right that I even things up. Then you can decide if you want me for anything else."

I handed her her own panties and whispered that she could stuff them in her mouth if needed. The look on her face was incredulous, but she didn’t stop me as I parted her white thighs and moved in.

I buried my face and fingers in the sweetest sopping cunt I’d tasted in forever, and with her already near an edge, and the taboo of cumming in public like this, she was over the top in no time, and god did she gush all over my face. It was sooo fucking luscious and juicy. I didn’t stop until she’d ridden a few peaks and she did ball her panties up like a hanky in her hand and bite down on them until I was done.

I let her watch me lick up every last drop I could capture of her wet honey, then I mouthed the words “Be right back” as I scrambled behind the bar’s back wall to the sink in the kitchen, so I could wash the sex from my face. After all, I had an hour or two of my shift still to go, and anyone could wander in at any second. It had been a bit of a miracle that we got away with what I did.

As I returned to my perch behind the bar, I grinned wickedly at her and nodded to the balled-up panties in her fist. “You can put those back on now, if you’d like.” She blushed so very red and wiggled herself to get them back in place.

I teased her further. “I really wanted to kiss you with my face full of your sex, but that might have shocked the patrons. And possibly you.”

I heard an unmistakable “Unf” escape her throat. I had done what I could. The rest was now up to her.

I poured her another fresh glass and she sipped and eyed me as her mind went into some hungry places.

"Do you want to fuck Nick again?"

"More than you know.", I said honestly, "I definitely do, with your permission of course. Especially if you’re there, and/or in on it with us."

"Mmmm, good answer", she smirked. "How much do you want him? Enough to let me call the shots?"


She pondered that for another sip or three, then she whispered, “If you fuck as good as you eat pussy…”

I jumped in “Ask Nick”

"I did", she paused to drink that in. "You really have to… join us."

My cock nearly unzipped my jeans for me.

She added this proviso: “This first time, I need to call the shots. Until I tell you otherwise.  Nick is kinda in the shithouse for doing this without me. Again. I want to devise some “punishment” for the boy. Not sure just what yet. But you’d have to play along. And I have a feeling you’ll fucking love it.”

She knew me too well already. Then something else occurred to her. “Are you only a top or will you be taken too?”

All I said was, “I”m very… flexible.”

"Good," she purred. "I bought a new strap-on and I’m dying to give it a test drive. And since I told Nick he and I are not fucking until he makes this up to me…."

My grin told her I was game for almost anything.

Very quickly she made her first terms certain: “Not your place, mine. I know where the…toys are there, should I decide to use them. Tonight, you said to Nick?”

I nodded my yes.

She wrote her address down and handed to me with these word. “Nine sharp, please. Mollie’s rules tonight. We can negotiate the rest later.”

She rose to go, then she stopped and asked where that sink was behind the bar’s wall. I walked her back, and as soon as we were out of sight of the customers, she stopped me, dipped a finger into her still wet pussy, painted my lips with her juices and kissed me deeply.

"Thank you for the hot fucking orgasm in public. Damn, I can’t believe you did that right here. Mmfff, I loved that. That was a first." She smiled a very naughty smile that made my cock drip, then added,  "Wanna follow me down to the lifeguard’s chair?" She laughed.

She rubbed my crotch then stepped back and said with a teasing demand, “Show me. C’mon, show me what you put inside of my boyfriend’s hot little asshole.”

Already halfway hard, I unzipped and untucked, cock in hand.

"Fucking fuck, that’s perfect. Gimme."  She grabbed and stroked me to full tilt as she laid down the rules for the evening. 

"This and your ass are mine tonight to demand, whether it’s to use with me or Nick or both.  If you’re not okay with that, don’t show."

Once more, I smiled gently and said, “Trust me, I will be there.”

"Good answer", and she kissed me once more.

She knew that she needed to let go of my cock and leave, but she kept her grip on it and whispered. “I have half a mind to make you fuck my ass right here so I can go home and make Nick suck your load out of me for his first punishment.”

"I wish…" Is all I managed.

"Then again, we can do that later. He may have to watch.. or just listen. Hmmmm. Yes, later", she said as she pushed my hard-on back into my briefs and jeans. "Right after you do a little re-enactment with Nick of your night on the fucking beach!"

We re-entered the bar area very prim and proper-like. Mollie shook my hand and politely said “Nice to meet you…”  “Rob”, I filled in the blank. “Very nice to meet you, Rob. See you later then.”

"It was very nice to eat you too, Mollie", which made her knees almost buckle. 

"Fuck" she whispered, "Damn you, you’re just the right kind of dirty. But remember, I own your ass tonight! And this…" - she peered around, and then squeezed my balls hard through my jeans to give them a bit of an ache.

She had no idea how much I would ache for the rest of the day, knowing there was some filthy three-way bi bliss waiting for me tonight. I was so ready to be singing some new wicked tunes just for the three of us.

Written by http://nkeddoorsredux.tumblr.com/

(A little office scenario, inspired by a luscious Work/Porn photoset by the gorgeous Ms. BBGL. Her lively Bi Forum has all the goodies, btw. Just sayin

Daniel knew that  his gorgeous female boss sometimes locked her private office door and got herself off to watching wicked man-on-man porn on her computer, whenever there was a happy lull in the workday. And she knew that he knew. He was the only one she would have trusted with that dirty little secret.

She held one of Daniel’s secrets as well - that he was an active bisexual, playing with both men and women at will, sometimes even in groups. That little detail, in this company, could have had some less than stellar consequences with their narrow-minded asshole of an uber-boss.

Daniel would often visit her on coffee breaks from time to time, when he had tales of his latest dirty orgiastic deeds with another man or couple to share. He knew that the moment he left her office, she’d be scrolling through hot pics and fingering herself to a panty-soaking, muffled O or three.

One time, she was already dripping from some cummy manlove porn, and he entered with that “cat that ate the canary’s dick” look on his face. Without another word, he knelt behind her and whispered closely into her ear the filthy play-by-play of his latest pounding man-ass fuck, while she closed her eyes, letting her mind fly as she listened and toyed with her needy cunt under her pretty skirt, bringing herself right there to a lip-biting climax. And when he asked politely, she did let him taste her from her glistening fingers.

After that day, all bets were off for good behavior. One day, when she was in excruciating need, he locked her door, told her to keep looking at porn, then he knelt, tugged her to the edge of her chair, and gave her the most eloquent and brilliant pussy-licking of her life so far.

She kissed him afterward, tasting her own sex on his face, and when she could put a sentence together finally, she whispered, “I’ll bet you suck cock just as brilliantly.”

He smiled wickedly and replied,”So I’ve been told…”

"UNF!! I so wanna watch." She said dreamily, then swiftly told him to clean up in her bathroom before returning to his desk.

Fast forward to her next birthday, and she hated that she had to work that day. She got one of those “pings” on her work calender that had Daniel’s name and a request for a half-hour scheduled “product demo”.  She “accepted” said appointment, wondered about it for a second, then gave it no other thought.

At the appropriate time, Daniel knocked and entered, but not alone. He had another man with him, nicely dressed, fit and handsome. Once the door was locked, Daniel made the introductions, hugged and kissed her with heartfelt Happy Birthday wishes, and whispered, “I wanted to bring you a special present today… for being a fucking amazing, ummm, boss lady.”

He walked to the curtains and closed them, tugged a throw from a bag and tossed it over her office couch, and came back to her and sat her down in her office chair.

"It’s your birthday, so you can do whatever you like - watch, join, direct, demand, taste, fuck yourself; whatever the birthday princess wishes. Hell, you could pee all over us if you’d like, but I know that it would be hard to explain away the stains in the carpet later.

She laughed that off with him, as she wondered secretly if it was just a joke, or if he’d been prying into some dark corner of her filthy mind. She still wasn’t sure what was about to occur, but her hungry insides seemed to be salivating already.

Daniel leaned in to kiss her once more, and whispered “Happy Moaning Birthday, Boss Babe”.

He moved to the other man, pressed him to the wall and shoved his tongue deep into his friend’s mouth as he quickly undressed this hot accompanying male with the obvious intent to fuck him… wildly.

Her jaw dropped, her cunt gushed, and she was two-handing her lush body, one on her bared nipples, one digging into both drooling holes betwixt her thighs.

She came once as she watched Daniel suck this man’s beautiful cock near to eruption, at one point taking the impressive length into his open throat. He made sure she got a little taste of the stranger’s precum from Daniel’s own lips, before he stood to fuck his friend’s more than willing face, but again, only to near-orgasm. He meant to save the seed-spray for the ass ride. And with the half hour clock ticking, he wasted no time.

Before her very eyes, he had his mate on all fours, lubed and drove his sturdy thickness hard inside, and began slam-fucking his companion from behind while his voyeuring boss hottie hit another peak or three. It seems the trio all knew to keep sound to an absolute minimum, even though the bigwigs were in a meeting far enough down the hall.

After Daniel gave his man a good back-door pummeling, while keeping control on his own edge-riding, he then flipped his counterpart over and slowly lowered his lovely spread ass ring onto his friend’s swollen cock.

She would watch Daniel tease-ride this man as he stroked himself, and when the bottom boy finally clutched and arched to empty himself into Daniel’s fully-breached rear embrace, Daniel ramped up his strokes and sprayed his manfuck’s face with everything he had stored up, and then some.

His half-naked boss was in the throws of a string of peaks, her panties down on one ankle, her thighs spread for full fist-access, and her breasts and nipples red and hard and screaming in bliss.

She moaned sweet half-choked obscenities as Daniel lapped up his own cum from the other man’s face, then lifted his ass from that exploded cock and let her watch the lewd cream trickle out.

He whispered to the other guy to dress quickly and go, then once it was just the boss and her co-hort, Daniel began to get things together to clean her couch area and himself up.

She still could not extract her hand from between her swollen sopping cunt lips as she caught flashes of that stream of man-cum trickling down his thighs, and that luscious cock of his glistening with ass and lube and droplets of his own lust.

He gathered his things, and before slipping into her private bathroom, he knelt, pulled her fingers from her pussy’s pool and sucked them clean, while softly singing a little “Happy Birthday” tune.

"Oh my fucking god, Daniel. I can’t think of another gift that will ever top this." She leaned in and sucked some of his own cum from his face and lips, the cum that he’d lapped up from his manlover.

"You have no idea how much I needed that", she Unf’d. "Now, if we weren’t at work…." Her eyes rolled back as she imagined.

She snapped out of it to the sound of a phone ringing. “Go, clean up and pretend you’re not as dirty as I am, Daniel.” They both laughed.

And as his ass wiggled away, and the cum river streamed down his inner thighs, she said,”You need to invite me over to join you two sometime. I have this giant girlcock that needs breaking in…”.

Daniel had just given her a gift that would definitely keep her cumming…




Written by ymmv1.tumblr.com

C and I were just two feet apart, both naked and fully erect.  I don’t know how we got to this point but I looked in his eyes and saw awareness.  If this was a dream it was a consensual one.

I  slowly stroked my cock.  C’s gaze dropped to my hand and tentatively reached out for me.  Impatient I stopped stroking myself and grasped his approaching hand and guided it to my cock.  At the instant of contact C gasped audibly.

"I’m not sure…" he said but his hand had a mind of its own and slowly slid up and down my shaft.  This was the first time we had ever touched each other.  I smiled at him and stepped closer.  Our cocks bumped and C changed his grip to hold us both at the same time.

I loved the feel of his cock against mine and his hand on us both.  Despite his words his grip was firm and sure.  The sliding stroke of his palm was making me harder and harder.  Precum glistened on my tip, and his too.  I reached down and touched his cock tip, and brought the clear drop to my lips.

I reached around his torso and ran my left hand down over his butt cheek, letting one finger drag down his crack.  His eyes widened and he stared intently at me.  After a moment he lowered his gaze and I knew he was agreeing to my proposed invasion of his sweet ass.  More boldly I slid a finger down into his crack and slowly rubbed his anus.  His grip on our cocks tightened.

As I pushed my finger slowly into him, we were blasted by a strong light from the right that burst into the room and outlined the silhouette of a women.  Oh, shit, I thought; we’re caught!  Then I recognized a familiar, heavenly outline: it was BabyGirl.  Relief flooded me, followed quickly by a sharp rise in lust.  C caught the same wave of feeling and he inhaled deeply, expectantly.

"Don’t stop on my account, boys" she said in her husky, sensual voice.  "I just came to watch the show."

As the light around BabyGirl dimmed we could see her more clearly.  Her beautiful breasts were free and she had a thin, pale white thong on her hips.  Her eyes were wide and she radiated heat.  She was the goddess of fucking.  She looked me in the eye and commanded “Go ahead!  Fuck him!”

C relaxed his grip and our cocks separated.  I stepped behind him, grabbed his hip bones, and pushed my cock against his ass.  He pushed back and we stood still for a few moments, enjoying the contact and the promise of future intimacy.

"Down!" said BabyGirl and C lowered to his hands and knees, legs apart.  I knelt between them and let my cock rest on his ass.  Reaching forward, I pushed his shoulders down, causing his ass to lift and offer itself to me.

"Catch" said BabyGirl.  I instinctively raised my hands and caught the tube of lube.  I opened the tube and pushed the end against C’s asshole; I squeezed a modest measure into him.  I followed up with two fingers in his ass.  As I moved them around to distribute the lube, he moved his hips about in response and moaned to the floor.  My cock got even harder as I watched my fingers violate his ass.

I looked at BabyGirl, who was caressing a nipple with one hand and her pussy with the other,  She was breathing rapidly and staring at C’s anus.  “Do it!” she said, “Now!”  I pulled my fingers out and slid my cockhead up and down in C’s ass-crack, acquiring lube and enjoying the sensation of dipping into his anus with each movement.  Finally, I stopped with my cock at C’s back door.  I was as stiff as an iron rod, and I pushed slowly in.

At first I made no progress, but after a moment C relaxed a bit and my cock slowly started to squeeze into him.  I kept the pressure on and felt my cockhead inching past his anal sphincter muscle.  It was so good to work my way into C’s ass, the intense pressure and the warmth and the thought of it raised my excitement even further.  C began to push back, increasing the pressure that all came to a point where my cockhead met his anus.

Suddenly I was through!  I felt the head of my cock expand into C’s rectum and I heard him gasp.  I reached around and grasped C’s cock and started to stroke him.  I looked up and BabyGirl was closer.  I hadn’t seen her move but now she was only a foot away from my side.

She removed her hand, glistening, from her thong and brought it to my mouth.  I opened my lips to her fingers and sucked the sweet juice from them.  She smiled at us, almost a blessing, and slid her panties off.

I slid farther into C, enjoying the journey inch by inch until I was pressed up against his ass and as deep as I could go.  I stopped and C rotated his hips from side to side, letting us both enjoy our coupling.  I stroked out and then back in.  We had started to establish a rhythm when I was stopped by BabyGirl’s palm against my chest.  She pushed me slowly back, away from C, until my cock popped free from his ass.  He and I both groaned in disappointment.

"Have patience," BabyGirl said.  A girlcock appeared in her hand.  It was double-ended as she demonstrated when she slid one end into her pussy and held the other end pointed at C’s well-trafficked asshole.  She took my place, kneeling between C’s legs, and slowly fed the girlcock into him.

"Yes!" she said and began to slowly move in and out of C.

 ”Oh, fuck me!” C said.  As he moved his hips the end of the girlcock in BabyGirl shifted in her pussy, and her breathing accelerated.  I was kneeling behind BabyGirl, holding my now-unhoused cock, and staring at her beautiful, mobile ass.

As I stared at BabyGirl’s active ass, I decided that fortune favored the bold and I reached out and grabbed her delectable hips and held my rigid cock against them.  BabyGirl stiffened for a second, surprised, and then looked over her shoulder and smiled broadly at me.  She continued to work her girlcock in and out of C and I reached around her torso and cupped her wonderful breasts.  Holy shit! I thought, I’m feeling up BabyGirl’s breasts!  God, I was in heaven.  I ran my thumbs over her pert nipples and felt the womanly fullness of her breasts in my cupped hands.  BabyGirl meanwhile had supplemented fucking C’s ass by pushing her hips back against my cock at every out-stroke.  I couldn’t wait any longer: I lubed my fingers and slid one, then two, into her sweet little rosebud.  Two was tight and I worked them around for a while to help her loosen up so I could fuck her there.

What a garden of fleshy delights BabyGirl was!  My heart beat with love and my cock stiffened with lust as I felt her up.  I moved my hands to her cheeks and spread them apart to give me access to her anus.  She stopped moving into C for a moment while I nestled the tip of my cock into her little asshole.  I slowly pushed.  She was even tighter than C.  After a few seconds of movement, she put a hand on my stomach to tell me to pause while she relaxed around my cock.  I felt the grip of her sphincter noticeably soften and when she removed her hand I pushed in a little more.  She stopped me twice more as we made little steps of delectable progress into her tighter and tighter ass, and then suddenly my cockhead passed her anus and into her rectum.  My God!  I’m fucking BabyGirl in the ass!  I couldn’t believe my good fortune; there was nowhere I would rather be!

We stopped for another moment and then I slowly sank the rest of my cock into her ass.  It was a wet dream come true and an exquisite delight.  I sank all the way in and my crotch pushed up against her ass, my balls rested against her pussy.  It took all my self-control not to cum in an instant.  As soon as I was fully in, BabyGirl resumed fucking C’s ass.  I heard her tell him what was happening: “Your partner has his cock all the way in my tight cherry ass and I’ve got my cock in yours.  Do you like to think of how I’m fucking you and he’s fucking me?  It’s sooo good, and sooo dirty.  Every time I fuck you my girlcock wiggles in my pussy and I wiggle my ass for him.  Do you like that?”

I heard C moan loudly and I could feel the jiggling as BabyGirl stroked his cock while she fucked his ass.  She was stating to breathe rapidly and I could feel the beginning of my own orgasm.  I heard BabyGirl tell C that she could feel his cock starting to cum and her own pussy was starting to throb in orgasm.  I started to shoot into her ass, load after load, as I listened to her shout her orgasm.  C said oh fuck fuck fuck and we all pressed together in a cock-kebab.
I can barely remember the aftermath.  After what seemed only a moment, I awoke in my own bed and felt C pushing his cock into me.  Fair’s fair, I thought, and, groggy, turned to make my ass available to him.  Was BabyGirl just a dream?  Did all those wonderful moments with her not really happen?  Meanwhile C steadily pushed into my ass.

Then I heard a nearby giggle…

Written by http://pimpponi.tumblr.com/

“Home sweet home,” I say as I let us into the house; the damp, empty smell surrounding us.  “The bathroom is around the corner and all the bedrooms are upstairs,” I tell Jon as I carry in the bags. 

The car empty, we set out for the 400 club.  A cold walk has us at the doors to the pub, a live bands music filling the night air.  We enter the warm establishment, seeking warmth of the body and of the gullet.  Acquiring drinks, Jon, Katie and I find a table in a corner and settle in.  We drink and drink, each seemingly stronger than the last.  As we drink more and more the time flies by.   2 am rolls around before we know it and we ready ourselves to leave and head out into the cold for the staggering walk home.

Arriving back at the house we enter its warmth, still more than buzzing.  The hilarity of the evening spills over as we laugh more and more.  Jon goes to the bathroom to pee, as Katie and I kiss on the couch.  She leans into me and whispers “Wanna have a threesome with Jon?”  Her horny eyes piercing me. 

Taken back for a moment, I ask, “Do you want to?”

Katie nods and I say, "Sounds fun, as long as you don’t have sex with him"

"Deal!" she replies.

Feeling somewhat awkward about what she is going to ask, I act nervous and head for another room as I hear Katie ask Jon, ”Would you be interested in a threesome?” 

A silence fills the moment as Jon’s heart skips a beat.  “Are you serious?” he asks. 

My heart skips a beat as Katie says, “Yes, Brian is up for it as well.  Let me go get ready upstairs and then you and Brian can come up.”

Jon turns to me and asks with a shy smile, “Was this your idea?” 

I smile back, “No, she asked me while  you were in the bathroom.”

Jon shakes his head.

“Well, here we go,” I say as I head for the stairs.  Jon and I arrive at the top of the stairs and slowly push open the door.  Katie is lying on the bed, propped up on pillows in silk pj pants and a tight t-shirt with no bra. 

“Hi boys,” she says with a smile, patting the bed urging us to sit down.  Jon and I sit on either side of her and I raise my hand to her thigh and begin to stroke it slowly and softly. 

Jon takes my lead and begins to do the same, on her other leg.  Slowly our hands get higher as she smiles.  I lean in and kiss Katie softly on the lips, sliding my tongue to hers.  Then she turns from my lips and pulls Jon to her and kisses him softly.  I slide my hand past her waist and begin to slide her pj pants down as Jon does the same.

With them off, Katie lays there, her tight green t-shirt on and her soft cotton panties.  I lower down and begin to kiss her legs at her knee and work my way up her thigh, as Jon does the same on his side.  Getting higher Katie begins to squirm as we slide our tongues on her soft thighs.  My mouth begins to water at the thought of sliding my tongue into her.  Our tongues reach Katie’s panty line as we both slide a finger over her mound and around her panties and slide them down off of her.  I make the first
pass, sliding my finger along her soft wet mound releasing her wetness, and getting some on my finger.  I continue my rubbing around her legs as Jon slides his finger into her wetness and up and around to her leg, as we take turns sliding our fingers into her and along her sweet pussy lips.

While our fingers dart along her pussy, we slide our other hands up and slowly remove her tight green tee, revealing her gorgeous and soft breasts.  I lower my lips to her nipple and circle it with my tongue as my finger continues its rhythm against her sweet pussy.  Jon mimics me, his lips wrapped round her nipple and his finger darting to and fro in her.  Katie’s moaning grows, as does my cock.  I slide down, and begin to lick her thigh again as I slide over and begin to lick at her pussy.  My fingers and tongue rocking her sweetness, Jon continues his work on her nipples.  Her moaning louder now, she pulls him up for a kiss as her body shakes from my licks.  Her tongue dancing with his, she reaches down for his belt, undoing his pants, and pulling out his member.  As I insert another finger and begin to lick harder and deeper she wraps her hand around his throbbing cock and pulls it towards her lips.  She slides her lips over his tip and around his cock.  She slides her hand to his balls and massages them as she sucks away.

Before he can begin to enjoy it too much, she takes his cock out of he mouth, and beckons for mine.  Climbing towards her, she undoes my belt and slides my pants down to take out my full cock.  By now it is hard and begging for her to suck as she slides her tongue up my shaft and circles my tip before taking it into her mouth.  Her lips around my cock feel amazing as I circle her nipples with my fingertips.  Jon slides down and takes over for me, inserting his tongue into her pussy.  She moans softly at the new touch, as she circles my thighs with her hand and massages my balls.  Her tongue feels so good sliding around my cock as I slide my fingers thru her hair.  She places her hands on Jon’s head and pushes him away as she takes her lips from my cock. 

“I want Brian inside me while I continue sucking Jon” Katie says, as she gets up onto her knees.  “How bout doggie style?” she asks as she climbs to all fours.  I slide behind her and slowly lower my rock hard cock into her soft wet pussy.  She lets out a soft moan as my girth fills her.  Jon sits down in front of Katie, as she lowers her back to slide her lips around his cock.  Her rhythm round his member quickens as the pace of my cock sliding in and out of her picks up.  Soon I am fucking her quickly and gently as she runs her tongue around his cock and his balls.  I reach forward and slide my fingers round her nipples as she moans out loud and asks for more.  Jon reaches forward and massages the other as she moans in ecstasy.

Fearing I am too close, I slide my cock out of Katie’s tight walls and lay down on my back, sliding my head between her thighs as she drops her hips to my lips and allows me to slide my tongue along her moist pussy.  As her legs begin to tremble I slide two fingers into her warmth as she moans louder

“Brian fuck me with your fingers” she begs as I quicken my pace.  She stops me and climbs off of the bed.  She sits on the corner and asks us to stand.  Standing in front of her, she takes each of our cocks into her hands and begins to stroke them. 

Jon and I lean back enjoying the pleasure, more and more.  She takes her lips and tongue and slides them from cock to cock, taking time to suck hard and deep on each one, while massaging our balls.  As we moan, loving her tongue on our cocks, she slides her hands up our chests feeling them, and circling our bodies.  Finally each of her hands comes down on one of ours, pulling them down.  She removes my cock from her mouth and slides her tongue along my fingers and then Jon’s. 

“Help me out," she asks as she slides my hand onto Jon’s balls and Jon’s hand to mine.  We both hesitate, but are given no option as she presses our hands into the others balls making us massage them.  Taking her cue we continue as we are directed as she slides her lips over our tips.  Katie drops from the bed to her knees lowering her mouth to Jon’s sack first, moving my hand to his cock as she licks and sucks at his balls.

She directs my hand to stroke him as she slides over and begins to lick and suck at my sack, sliding Jon’s hand to my cock.  His grip is soft until she forces his stroke and he begins to go on his own.  Katie continues to lick and suck at our nuts saying, “I love your tastes and I love watching u touch each other.” 

Jon and I continue as we are told as she stands, still running her hands over us, and kisses us each deep, sliding her tongue into our mouths, one at a time back and forth.  We run out extra hand over her, sliding it over her legs, and hips, and breasts and grabbing at her thighs. 

She sits back on the bed, watching us stroke each other.  “Jon, wont u please kneel down for me?” she asked from her seat upon the bed. 

Following orders, Jon slowly dropped to his knees, my throbbing member still in his hand.  “Mmm yes that is good Jon, now, I want you to slide his cock into your mouth for me.” 

Jon looks into her eyes hesitating for a moment, as my heart skips a beat, wondering if he will.  Finally he slides his mouth forward till his lips touch my tip.  He hesitates a second as he finally leans in full and closes his mouth on my cock.  He raises his second hand to my cock, using to hands to stroke it, as he licks softly at the tip and circles it with his lips.  I moan, enjoying it, but wishing she was helping.  Her eyes are locked on mine as my cock lies in his mouth.  I can feel my orgasm coming and she can see it in my eyes.

"Mmm, your close aren’t you?" she asks, knowing full well I am. 

"Yes" I moan, wanting to cum, but not sure if I should. 

“Go ahead and unleash your orgasm, Jon can take it.”  She says, urging me to cum in his mouth.

Finally as his tongue flicks against my tip, I can no longer hold it in and I unleash it into his mouth filling it.  He leans back, his mouth full of my cum, he looks to Katie.  She slides over to him on her knees and puts her lips to his, and slides her tongue into his mouth, it dancing with my cum.  She slowly takes it all from his mouth and swallows with a smile.

"Your turn Brian." She says as she returns to the bed. 

Understanding my orders, I slowly kneel down, prepared to take his cock.  Standing against the wall, Jon’s cock hangs in front of me.  I slowly take it in my hand and raise it to my lips, sliding my lips over his tip and down his cock.  I raise my other hand to his sack slowly massaging it, hoping that if I like it, he will like it too.  I suck a little harder as I run my lips along his length faster. He lets out a moan, as he seems to be enjoying my mouth on his cock. 

Katie slides down to her knees next to me, pushing my aside as she takes his cock in her mouth.  She sucks and licks for a bit and then offers it back to me.  I take it in my mouth again and continue.  Back and forth we go, sucking and licking Jon’s throbbing cock. 

“I am going to cum.”  Jon whispers as we continue. 

Katie slides his cock from her mouth and I take it in my mouth.  I feel him begin to pulse as he breaths faster and faster.  Then finally he rockets into orgasm, filling my mouth with his cum.  The salty warm taste hits my tongue as I continue to suck, his cock still pulsing in my mouth.  He relaxes as I slide his cock from my mouth.  Katie pulls me to her and kisses me deep, taking some of the cum and
leaving some for me.  I swallow as she does and relax, leaning against the bed.  Katie wipes the cum from her lips and smiles.  “Who wants to shower?” she asks as we all smile.


Thinking Of Two


Written by Boxoftoys1966

Across from office is a bench where people occasionally sit. Couple out there today, in their 40's. Having lunch. Cant see their faces or details too much because the window screen blurs everything a bit. Ive walked past and noticed its difficult to see into my ground level window between the screen, the grime and my curtains. My thin curtains allow me to look out without being seen well, if at all. They sit there. And I imagine its you two.

After you sit there long enough he gets up and comes across the street to my office. Where I sit. Naked. Legs open wide. Cock hard. Behind the curtains but in front of the window. As the world walks past me I sit just a few feet away, cupping my smooth, heavy, taught balls. Tweaking a nipple as I stroke my shaft. I hear the door open and close behind him, the lock falling into place. I hear him come in behind me, but I continue to stare out the window at you. I know that if you can see me I am just a shadow against the wall. But you have also told me what you wanted to see, wanted you wanted me to do...as if you could actually see me, were here with us. There I sit, knowing that you can see me just fine in your mind.

I hear a cell phone dial, and then he speaks. "Yes, just like you told him. Yes. Yes. I will." He puts the phone on the desk and then turns on the speaker phone. I can hear birds and traffic behind you. Behind me he begins to undress.

"Is he undressing?"
Yes I say
Is your cock hard?
So very hard.
Is your ass hungry?
So very hungry.
Whats he doing? you ask.
He's just stepping out of his pants and coming to stand in front of me.
Such a good boy you chuckle.Suck his cock for me, you command.

Without hesitation I lean forward and begin to nuzzle that area of his cock where his shaft meets his balls. Let the smooth skin glide over my face then stick out my tongue, dragging its length up the underside of his prick and then engulfing the head. In one smooth motion his cock is back against my throat and you can hear his moans over the phone. The phone is still against my ear.

You like sucking my husbands cock don't you?
Mm hmm.
I can totally imagine what the two of you look like right now. Here's whats going to happen next. You're going to give him the phone. He's going to turn on his camcorder. And he's going to film a video of his cock spurting hot come all over you. Does that sound good? Dont say anything...I already know the answer. Just keep sucking that hard cock. And do not play with your self dirty boy...I have plans for you.

Through the window, across the street I can barely see you crossing your legs from one side to the other. I give him the phone and he fumbles with it briefly while suck his dick. Then he leans back to improve the angle..and he begins to fuck my face. I let his cock out of my mouth so it slides wetly across my tongue and eager lips. Back into my mouth, deep and long and slow and then out again to thrust upward against my lips. He leans back again and begins to stroke himself with his free hand. I know from our times together that this is a sign he's closing to coming. I lean back and watch him. I so want to stroke myself but I know better. I reach up, instead, to cup his balls and gently circle his ass. He begins to glide his ass the length of my finger, looking for that pleasure spot, just as I knew he would. He grunts when his hole connects with the tip of my finger. As I lean back hot white jets of come spurt from his cock. The first hits me across the corner of my mouth and cheek. The second splashes hotly on my nipple. The rest are all aimed at my cock and his aim is pretty good. Not perfect, but good.

My cell phone rings. He walks over and picks it up, answers and then hands the phone top me. Did he come yet?
Yes he did.
Is it all over your face....and cock?
Mmmm...I'm a bit messy
Good. Now lift your legs up over the arms of your chair.

I do and then he drops to his knees between them. No hesitation. I watch as he begins sucking my cock with the devotion of a man pleasing his wife. And perhaps a bit of his own enjoyment....

Is he sucking your cock?
Yes, oh yes he is
Is he getting his own come on his mouth?

Mmm hmmmm....Suddenly I moan and inhale deeply.
He just rimmed your ass like I told him, didn't he?
Oh my yes
A Good man. I want you to relax. Pick a finger.
Pick one of his fingers

I grab his left hand, the one not stroking my cock .

I got his hand
Pick a finger. Put it in your mouth
In a flash I see where this is going. I pick his pointer finger and begin to suck it wetly. Slobbering it. You can hear me

Now give it back to him.
I let his hand drop and without hesitation his finger slides so deep, and so long and so slow into my ass. When I moan I see you across the street, standing up quickly and pacing.Then my eyes roll up in my head. He hits that spot from which there is no coming back. My hips move in rhythm with his finger, hungerly fucking myself on it.

You can tell, from the sounds on the phone to the shadows- that only you have stopped to watch-dimly moving against the wall that the moment is here again, the one from which there is no return no matter how much we squeeze our ass or clench our stomach. I come in his mouth while you watch. My ass pulses in rapid clenches around his finger, buried in me to the third knuckle.

As I return to earth he gets dressed. Then with a quick "later man" he walks out. As I get dressed I watch him cross the street to greet you. You pat the bench next to you and he sits. You take his cell phone and its obvious that you are watching the video of him coming all over me. He turns to you and you kiss, long and slow.

As you walk away hand in hand I get back to my work.